Sports Betting Guide: Finding the Best Offshore Sportsbook for You

Best Offshore Sportsbooks: Finding the Best Offshore Sportsbook for You

Sports betting is sweeping the world with its intense connection and spirited patronage, both of which have helped turn it into the next great chapter in sports fandom.


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Because of the popularity and widespread growth of sports betting, all sorts of different companies have started to become involved in the gambling space; but whereas they may all claim to be the best, they cannot always be taken at face value.


So, when you are looking for the best offshore sportsbooks as you enter the sports betting market, there are a few major principles that you should keep in mind; they are as follows.


Finding Your Fit

What does “finding your fit” mean? Well, simply put, you want a sportsbook that meets your needs as a bettor. At the most basic level, this means finding a sportsbook with betting odds on sports or events that you are interested in.  


This is not always a simple process, depending on the popularity of your interests. For example, NBA fans will have much easier access to betting odds than lower-level fighting fans.


Part of finding your fit also means landing in a place where you are comfortable. While all of the best offshore sportsbooks will have the same general infrastructure, they are going to look and feel differently. You can see what each is like simply by navigating to their respective websites and clicking around.


Another big-picture detail to focus on when determining the best offshore sportsbooks is whether or not the books are offering the type of bet that you are most interested in.


If you are a regular moneyline, spread, or points total bettor, then you should pretty much have your pick of the litter; if you are more interested in prop bets or futures, however, you may have to be willing to sacrifice your freedom of selection and pick from a smaller batch of candidates.


Reaping Rewards

Sports betting agencies are not dumb— they know that signing up with sportsbooks can be intimidating and turn some people off, even if those same people are interested in joining the gambling space.


To make up for this, the best offshore sportsbooks offer registration benefits that make the process of signing up much more rewarding. Examples of different benefits include odds boosts, one-time flat-rate payouts, risk-free bets, and many others.


The best offshore sportsbooks will also usually have mobile apps, which make them even easier to access. This can be especially important for bettors with busy lifestyles that are looking to find their entertainment while on the go.


Mobile apps usually have the same betting lines and basic offerings as the desktop equivalents, although they are not updated as frequently and can sometimes lag behind.


Customer service is also important with sportsbooks; think about it, are you really going to want to sign on with a company and risk your money with them if they are not willing to equally invest in you? The answer should be a definitive “absolutely not.”


After you have gone through all of these basic considerations, you should be able to determine the best offshore sportsbooks. Err on the side of caution, and don’t be afraid to ask questions during your research process; sportsbook reviews were created to help people who don’t know the most about gambling, so don’t be too proud to admit that you would like help.


Once you start placing wagers, remember to start small and gradually increase your risk amount as you gain experience and learn what works the best for you.


From there, just remember to be smart and have fun.


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What to look for in an Offshore Sportsbook?

All sportsbooks will offer the same basic package of moneylines, spreads, points totals, and a few prop bets. They will also cover the major sports leagues, such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, top football/soccer leagues, and fighting.