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NASCAR odds fall very much in line with horse racing, golf, and other sporting events where there is just one winner. The good thing about that is picking the winner has great odds, sometimes 50:1 or higher – the bad news being that it’s incredibly hard to pinpoint the race winner on a week-by-week basis. 

How to Read NASCAR Odds 

Auto racing odds are pretty straightforward to read. If a driver is 25:1 on a given race and he wins, you’ll receive $25 for every $1 that is wagered. Although there are some exceptions, a typical race field features 43 cars, so although you have a 1 in 43 chance of picking the winner, those aren’t how the odds are calculated. 

Although there is some diversity in the new rule changes ahead of the 2022 season (seven different winners in the first seven races), NASCAR has traditionally been a very top-heavy sport. While you used to see an upset every now and then, somebody named Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, or Kyle Busch was usually capturing the checkered flag. 

Taking the NASCAR betting odds underdog will give you the big payout, but selecting favorites is the way to be more profitable over the course of the race season. 

How to Bet on NASCAR 

NASCAR betting odds are very important to follow when wagering on auto racing, especially a driver’s history at a specific track. There are some drivers that simply excel at certain places and over the course of 7-10 years, so it’s no coincidence. 

Another thing that’s important to pay attention to is starting position. Obviously, the degree of difficulty to win a race goes up the farther back in the field a car is. 

Finding a driver with a good starting position and a solid track history will more often than not lead to some success in NASCAR betting.

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What is the Most Important Factor to Find the Winning Driver Each Week?

Much like a home field advantage in traditional sports, a driver’s track history is the most reliable data for NASCAR betting. 

What are the Most Popular NASCAR Bets?

Many people like to pick the winner of each week’s race for the highest odds. Top 3, Top 5, and Top 10 finishing wagers are also popular as are futures bets on who will win the Cup at the end of the season. 

What are Head to Head NASCAR Wagers?

Instead of picking a winner of the actual race, head to head betting is just picking the driver who finishes higher between one or two other cars.

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