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A Comprehensive Guide to Betting on NCAAB

Learn how to bet on NCAAB games, read NCAAB odds, and the types of NCAAB Betting available to you in our helpful guide on the subject.

Betting isn’t a word that will strike a regular person as something novel, though even those who have heard it countless times feel a tinge of excitement at the mention of the word. Online Betting Sports is so common that one does not have to be a seasoned veteran of the industry to be familiar with how it works.

Indeed even the most casual observer has a vague idea of the mechanisms by which betting works. It is also true that lots of people have participated in betting at some point in their lives. That isn’t to say that they’ve participated in the gambling and betting industry in a formal capacity, simply that there are many situations in everyday life when betting simply comes about.

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Those who have engaged in betting in this manner would be closely familiar with the thrill that it can provide. It is no surprise then that the betting industry is as big as it is. The excitement and pleasure that betting provides have an almost universal appeal.

The Thrill of Betting and the Art of Prediction

An example of betting arising in everyday life could be when you’re out drinking with your friends. A bet can be something super simple and usually is among friends when there are no real stakes. In our example here, it could be something as basic as predicting how long your friend and their current partner will stay together.

While this may seem like a simple situation to bet on, those in the know will appreciate that a lot goes into predicting the correct outcome. In this instance, a few variables will influence what each individual bets on.

Most of you may think that it’ll last about six months. This raw figure is arrived at by information that is publicly known. For example, your friend has a history of not being able to stay committed for longer perhaps. Now that’s a simple enough wager, and the timeframe suits the history. The complications would be added by information that isn’t publicly available.

Perhaps there is a friend that everyone knows to be a close confidant of your friend. This confidant may be privy to information that leads them to an alternative assessment. They may know that the friend has already started having issues and is unlikely to continue beyond this month. With this in mind, the confidant bets on something different.

Now, it’s possible that you are aware of the intimacy between the two and decide to change your bet. At this point, you’re guessing, but this educated guesswork is a common characteristic of betting.

The Complexity of Betting

The above example illustrates just how much thought goes into even the most rudimentary of bets. Now imagine how much work must go into actual betting when there are stakes involved and mountains of information available. 

This is the essence of betting – the expected likelihood of an event. The expected likelihood is expressed mathematically as an odd; usually, a fraction, provided by the bookie. This does not mean that odds predict reality because real life isn’t neat life numbers and figures.

The odds provided only showcase the probabilities, and you can use publicly available information to gauge the accuracy of the odds and place a bet after putting the information in a critical framework.

Introduction to Sports Betting

NCAAB betting is a small fraction of the sport betting industry. Today, our discussion will focus largely on this sport. At the heart of it all, NCAAB is simply the sport of basketball. Despite basketball being a widely popular sport, NCAAB is rather novel.

Why is this the case? Well, simply put, NCAAB is basketball played at the college level. This in itself should not explain away why it’s novel. Surely, plenty of sports are played at that level across the world. In fact, most countries in the world have varsity sports leagues. There are two areas where the NCAAB Betting stands out, though.

NCAAB Betting areas

The first of these is funding. Indeed several universities and colleges all over the globe fund their sports programs heavily. Yet, NCAAB stands out in this department. These teams represent some of the most prestigious names in the world, and their funding far exceeds any other varsity league or team.

The second of these is commercialization. The NCAAB is unlike any other college-level basketball league in the world due to its commercial appeal. This is particularly American practice that isn’t replicated to such levels of success anywhere else. NCAAB games are broadcasted, teams are sponsored, and players receive merchandising opportunities.

Both of these factors allow for the creation of adjacent industries. One of these industries is college basketball betting. While the rest of the world may find the thought of betting on college basketball appalling, it was an inevitability given the sheer popularity of the sport.

Betting enthusiasts don’t particularly care about the level at which the sport is played, and as such, go around looking for NCAAB betting sites. At this point, it would be foolish of betting platforms to not capitalize on this demand.

In line with our vision to provide high-quality information on sports betting, we offer our readers an insight into the world of college basketball. We aim to do this today by providing you with information on how to bet on NCAAB, how to read college basketball odds, and the types of NCAAB bets.

How to Bet on NCAAB

We already spoke at length about the popularity of sports betting and the exponential increase in the number of sports betting platforms as a result. Now, we’ll discuss how you can use all of the available options to bet on NCAAB games.

Given that everyone owns a smartphone or computer today, sports betting has become extremely accessible to anyone who wishes to participate in it. If you’re a person who wishes to do so but can’t figure out where to get started, follow the steps we’ve listed down below to get started.

Step 1: Find a Sportsbook

Sportsbooks are not a new invention. They actually predate the internet itself. The concept behind a sportsbook is that a bookie would add all the wagers and bets that they’re accepting before a match for any given sport.

Sports bettors would contact the bookie and seek out this information. Once the information was attained, they would then place the bet. Thanks to smartphones and the internet, this process became completely digital and remote.

This means that sportsbooks have evolved into online sportsbooks. As such, you no longer have to contact a bookie; rather, you may simply go to any sports betting platform and sign up for their sportsbook.

A lot goes into choosing the right sportsbook, and most people don’t know all the factors they should look out for. Our team of experts not only compiles and updates reviews of the best sportsbooks out there but has also shared tips on how you can choose one on your own. In doing so, we fulfil our commitment to our readers and help them become capable of making decisions for themselves. Furthermore, since our experts are always looking to keep you informed, you can go through our guides to answer any sports betting related questions that you may have.

Step 2: Payment

Naturally, you’re going to need money to bet on NCAAB schedule. This money needs to be transferred to your account with the online betting platform that you’ve chosen. Most sports betting platforms offer a wide variety of payment options. You should choose the one that is most suitable for you. We recommend using cryptocurrency to all our readers due to its security and speed.

Step 3: Betting on NCAAB Games

Once you’ve signed up for a sportsbook and transferred money into your virtual account, you can browse through the various types of wagers and bets you can make. Obviously, you’re there to bet on NCAAB games, so navigate to the relevant section and browse through all the bets and wagers offered by the sportsbook for NCAAB games.

You may have noticed something here. You’re going through all the NCAAB bets and wagers offered, but you can’t figure out what any of it means. This is because you don’t really know the types of NCAAB bets out there, what they mean, and how to read NCAAB odds. Our next two sections will serve the purpose of making you well-versed in the language of NCAAB betting by the end of them.

Types of NCAAB Bets

Let’s take a look at the various options that you have in this department. Once you go through these, you will have plenty of clarity on what you’re doing. With that clarity, you’ll be able to go through with your decisions with a lot more confidence than before.

Bracket Bets

If you’re a basketball enthusiast, you must already be familiar with March Madness. Even if you’re not, the popularity of the tournament is such that very few people haven’t heard of it. Other tournament-style competitions also feature Bracket Bets. The word bracket should already have alerted you to that.

Bracket refers to the style in which tournaments are illustrated. Each matchup is displayed as a bracket, the winner of which moves to a new bracket with the winner of the other matchup. Now that you know what bracket means in this context and what March Madness is, you can guess what a bracket bet must be.

Bracket bets are group bets. This means that you aren’t predicting the outcome of a single match. Bracket bets mean that you will guess the eventual winner of the tournament by predicting the outcome of each bracket along the way.

These bets are a great way to engage with the fun that March Madness brings all month long. They also provide the ability for you to celebrate and have fun with your friends and family. As far as NCAAB bets go, bracket bets are some of the most thrilling ones out there.

The drawback to this college basketball betting type is that you tie up your money long-term. Naturally, you’ve predicted the outcome of something that will only be known for certain at the end of the month; this means that you won’t get paid until the tournament is done and dusted.

Futures Bets

While we’re already on the subject of betting on future events, it’s better to discuss futures bets as well. Futures bets also exist in other sports, so, naturally, they found their way into NCAAB betting. Throughout the NCAAB season, there will be several tournaments that your team of choice will participate in. These can be conference tournaments or invitationals.

Either way, the outcome of these tournaments can be bet on using something called a futures bet. The concept behind a futures bet is similar to that of a bracket bet in that you are predicting something that won’t be known for a long time.

The key difference here is that you’re not predicting the outcome of all the brackets or any of the individual matches that your team will be a part of. Instead, you’re predicting the eventual winner of the tournament. As long as the team that you’ve chosen wins the tournament, you will win the bet. It doesn’t matter which matches they lost or won at an individual level.

The payout size from futures bets is larger than other NCAAB bets, but there is an opportunity cost. Your capital is tied up for the long run so you can’t make other types of bets. You could also have made a larger sum if you bet on several individual matches. These are simply the sacrifices you make when choosing to participate in futures betting.

Moneyline Bets

When we speak about individual bets, we mean moneyline bets. Of course, there are various other types of bets at this level, but moneyline bets are the most popular type. Their popularity is not simply limited to NCAAB betting, as they are found in every sport.

Lots of sports will offer different types of bets that are specific to that sport. Yet, every sport will have moneyline betting available as an option. The reason for the wide availability of this type of bet is its simplicity.

When we spoke about almost everyone has participated in betting at some point in their lives, we said so with certainty because of moneyline bets. Moneyline bets essentially predict a binary outcome. Yes or no, win or lose.

In any sport, there will be two options or three at most as to the outcome of the tie. One party will win; one party will lose. The third option is a draw (if that is possible). This why moneyline bets are so simple. All you have to do is predict which player, or team, will win. 

Prop Betting

Proposition bets, or prop bets as they are more commonly known, are some of the most exciting bets out there. They are so much fun because they allow you to be more creative with your sports betting activities.

In conventional bets, the whole idea revolves around the main objective of the game – victory and loss. Of course, anyone who has watched sports is aware that so much happens during a match that determines the eventual outcome.

These can be fouls, penalties, errors or anything else really. The idea is that you’re betting on events other than the simple affair of who wins or loses. These bets excite the imagination simply due to the variety that they can offer.

NCAAB betting prop bets are also rewarding for people who have a deeper interest in the game than the casual viewer. For instance, a forward who is incredibly talented is likely to be fouled a lot during a game. You can bet if they will get fouled during the game. You can even bet on how much they’ll get fouled.

This brings us to a type of prop bet that we’ve already familiarized you with.

Over/Under Bets

Over/under betting is simply a type of NCAAB betting prop bets. These types of bets essentially state a number and a condition. The example we quoted in our introduction was an example of over/under betting. In that example, you had a situation (the length of your friend’s relationship) and a number (six months).

Over/Under NCAAB bets work the same way. There will be numerous situations during a match, for instance, the number of technical fouls. The sportsbook may say that these will be somewhere over/under 3.5, and you can bet on whether they will be over or under this figure.

Another reason that over/under bets are so much fun is that they often don’t need one to be very familiar with the game. You could be watching with someone who doesn’t follow the game and still can bet on things with them.

Prop bets like over/under bets add a new dimension to the game and thus augment your enjoyment of them.

How to Read NCAAB Odds

We’ve covered some of the most popular types of bets available to you when following and betting on NCAAB games. These are by no means comprehensive, as each sportsbook will offer its own selection of wager types. However, we have explained some of the most popular ones, so that you can have enough information to begin.

You cannot develop an effective NCAAB betting strategy without knowing how to read NCCAB odds. In this example, we’ll deal with moneyline bets to explain how you can read the odds. With each matchup, you’ll see a number next to the teams. One of these will be negative, while the other will be positive. The negative number indicates the favorite for the match. In contrast, the team with the positive number is the underdog. 

For example:

UCLA (+250)Arizona (-280)

In this table, you can see that Arizona is the favorite according to the sportsbook. The figure means that if you bet $100 on Arizona, you will win around $36. In contrast, if you bet $100 on UCLA, you’ll win $250. You may feel like the winnings for Arizona are astronomically higher than those for UCLA, but that is simply the risk you’re avoiding since UCLA is not likely to win the match.

Final Word

This concludes our guide on NCAAB betting. You should now be familiar with the types of NCAAB bets available to you and how to read NCAAB odds. If you’re still confused about any aspect of NCAAB betting or betting in general, feel free to go through our various guides that cover this information.

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