How to Bet on Soccer

How to Bet on Soccer | Soccer Betting Guide

The beautiful game, the world’s game – soccer is a global phenomenon that goes by many names. With an estimated 1.12 billion people tuning in to watch the world cup final in 2018, it’s clear that soccer is the world’s most popular sport.

Given the above, it isn’t really a surprise that it is a favorite among gamblers and betting enthusiasts as well. From professional gamblers to your everyday Joe, soccer betting is also highly sought after.

Even people with very little interest in gambling wish to have soccer betting explained to them so that they may participate more enthusiastically in the sport they love and turn a neat profit.

As a result, we have produced this guide, so that we can explain how to bet on soccer, how to bet on soccer odds, and how to bet on soccer online.

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Soccer Betting Explained

Soccer is an incredibly dynamic game, though it’s not immediately obvious. The game revolves around two teams competing for victory for 90 minutes. The 90 minutes are divided into two halves. The team with more goals at full time is crowned the winner.

Of course, there’s so much more to it than that. What team will score the first goal? How many goals will be scored overall? What will be the margin of victory? How many penalties? Who will be the scorer? There’s so much going on during the match that you can bet on practically anything.

Understanding the game along with the various events that happen while it’s going is crucial to understanding how to be on soccer.

How to Bet on Soccer Online

The process of betting on soccer online is extremely streamlined given the immense popularity of the sport. With fans always demanding efficient ways to bet, companies have developed processes that deliver exactly that. Most of the times, betting on soccer will hardly take a minute. Here’s how you can go about it.

Choose a Sportsbook

You can’t learn how to bet on soccer online without knowing what a sportsbook is. In simple terms, a sportsbook is the list of bets a bookie, or betting company provides to you. To place bets on soccer matches and events, you’ll have to sign up for one of several options. We provide detailed guides on the best sportsbooks in the business so take a look.

Deposit Money

Now that you’re registered with the sportsbook of your choice, you’ll have to add money to your online gambling account. Once that’s done, you’re ready to bet.

Find and Place Bets

Now you can browse through all the soccer events happening worldwide, see what odds the sportsbook is offering and place your bets. You should consider accumulators and other aggregators to maximize your winnings.

How to Bet on Soccer Odds

To bet on soccer you need to understand the odds, but more importantly the types of soccer bets and the odds on those bets. So, let’s take a look at what type of bets are generally available.


This is by far the simplest type to explain. The reason is that it’s a simple who do you think will win type of situation. That question is discussed even if you’re not a gambler, in living rooms and bars across the world.

Most people just don’t any money on it. A moneyline bet is simply picking a winner from the two teams. If your chosen team wins the match, you win the bet.

Over/Under Total Goals

Another popular type of bet is the classic over/under. What this means is you predicting the likelihood of a figure being over or under a benchmark value. In this case we’re talking about total goals scored during the match.

For instance, in a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, bookies may set the benchmark at 3.5. This means that you have to predict if the total number of goals scored during the match will exceed or fall short of this number.

You can’t know how to bet on soccer odds like the over/under without knowing that soccer is generally considered a low-scoring sport. That means very few matches actually go over 3 or 4 goals. Helping you understand these things is crucial if you want to make the most of this soccer betting explanation.

Score Predictions

This is potentially a very profitable bet if you think a match is likely to surprise a lot of people. For your predictable, average matches this won’t bring a lot of returns. Score predictions are simple nonetheless; all you have to do is decide what the final score is likely to be. For higher returns, odd final scores are the way to go (like 5-2), but these are rare.

First Blood

This bet simply attempts to predict who the first goal scorer in any given match will be. These can be relatively simple if a team has a defined talisman that scores consistently. Think of Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid, or Harry Kane for Tottenham Hotspurs.

Of course, betting on unlikely scorers such as defenders or defensive midfielders will yield higher returns. Since, most people wouldn’t think to do so, you could take home a sizeable sum if it comes to pass.

Both Teams to Score

Another bet type offered by several sportsbooks is the bet that both teams will score in a match. This once again requires a thorough understanding of the sport, the teams involved, the players and their forms. For instance, in a match between heavyweights such as Manchester City and Liverpool it is likely that both teams will score at some point.

Conversely, if it’s Manchester City against West Bromwich Albion you may think that the underdogs will hardly get a chance.

Final Thoughts

When learning how to bet on soccer, and how to bet on soccer odds specifically, it is important to remember that there is a lot at play and immense variety among the various sportsbooks. You need not only a in-depth understanding of the sport, but also of the different sportsbooks and their offerings.

To learn more about sports betting, read our How to bet on sports guide.


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How to Bet on Soccer FAQs

Soccer betting involves placing bets on various aspects of soccer matches, such as the outcome of the game, total goals scored, first goal scorer, and more. It’s a way for people to add excitement to soccer matches and potentially win money.

To bet on soccer online, you first need to choose a sportsbook, which is a platform that offers soccer betting options. After registering, you’ll need to deposit money into your account and then browse through available soccer events, select your bets, and place them through the sportsbook’s platform.

Soccer bets come in various types, including Moneyline bets (picking the winner of a match), Over/Under Total Goals bets (predicting the total number of goals scored), Score Predictions (guessing the final score), First Blood bets (predicting the first goal scorer), and Both Teams to Score bets (betting on both teams scoring in a match).

Yes, there are various types of baseball bets, including:

  • Moneyline bets: Betting on the winner of a game.
  • Runline bets: Betting on a team with a run advantage or deficit.
  • F5 bets: Focusing on the outcome of the first five innings of a game.
  • Soccer odds represent the probability of an event occurring in a match and determine the potential payout if your bet is successful. Understanding soccer odds is crucial because they help you assess the risk and potential reward of your bets, allowing you to make informed betting decisions.

When betting on soccer, it’s important to have a deep understanding of the sport, teams, players, and their current form. Additionally, you should explore different sportsbooks to compare odds and offerings to maximize your betting experience and potential profits.