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Bet on NBA | NBA Betting Guide

The NBA is one of the few major American sports that has piqued global interest. Thanks to international superstars like Michael Jordan and LeBron James the sport is followed closely in all corners of the world. Keep reading on this How to bet on NBA guide to make smarter bets.

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With the huge following the NBA commands both at home in the United States and abroad; it comes as no surprise that it attracted the interest of gambling companies as well.

Fans are always looking for ways to become more deeply involved in the activity they love, and gambling offers the perfect opportunity to do so.

Not only can fans test out their understanding of the game and the players, they can also make some money along the way. What’s not to like? As such, a lot of beginners ask how to bet on NBA.

Well, if you’re someone who needs NBA betting explained, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll show you everything you need to know to get started, so read on!

NBA Betting Explained

Basketball odds are pretty much the same as any other odds in that they are represented by either a negative or positive sign accompanied by a number. The negative sign represents the favorite while the positive sign denotes the long-shot.

The odds of the event occurring are denoted by the number mentioned alongside the sign. For instance, in a match between Utah Jazz and the LA Clippers, the odds may favor the Utah at -400, while the Clippers are placed at 320.

What this means is that, you would have to bet $400 on Utah to win to collect winnings of $100. In contrast, you would win $135 for a $100 bet on the Clippers. The logic here is that the bookies have deemed Clippers unlikely to win. As such, the risk is greater.

These are the principles you need to understand when asking to have NBA betting explained.

How to Bet on NBA Odds

To successfully bet on NBA odds, you would need more than the general understanding that our “NBA betting explained” section provided. You would need to know what types of bets are available in the sportsbook of your choosing.

Here are some of the most common types of NBA bets out there.

Spread Bets

The logic behind spread bets is obvious once you read up on it. Due to the fact that many teams hold a very obvious superiority over their opponents, bookies want to prevent everyone from just betting on the favorite.

To ameliorate this situation, they put out spread bets. These are simply the odds of the winning or losing team doing so by a certain margin. For instance, in our previous example, Utah is the obvious favorite. So, the bookie might offer a spread bet stating -5.5 for Utah and +5.5 for Clippers.

This means that Utah is likely to win the game by a margin greater than 5.5 points while Clippers are predicted to lose by a margin of at least 5.5 points. Such bets allow those betting on the underdog to profit from an inspired performance even if their team loses provided that the margin of loss is under the spread. The same goes for the victor, as long as the margin of victory is over the spread.

To take advantage of your knowledge on how to bet on NBA games means utilizing a good spread bet when you see one. So, essentially you also need to know how to bet on NBA spreads.

Moneyline Bets

A type of bet that is universally present in sports. The reason for this is the pure simplicity of the bet itself. A moneyline bet is so simple that you’ve probably placed one yourself, even if you’ve never gambled any money.

Moneyline bets essentially mean picking a winner from two competitors. Unlike spread bets, in moneyline betting winning and losing are the only outcomes and their directly related to the outcome of the game.

Furthermore, given their popularity and simplicity, these aren’t the most lucrative bets out there. Regardless, there is a profit to be made here too. In a match between an obvious favorite and a long-shot, if you bet on a massive upset, even a simple moneyline bet can turn you a handsome profit.

Prop Bets

Similar to other sports, NBA has lots of dynamic events happening during a match. You can take advantage of the variety of events by placing a prop bet, otherwise known as a proposition bet. A proposition bet is simple and varied at the same time.

You can predict the likelihood of practically any event occurring during a match or its frequency. For instance, how many 3-pointers will a certain player score or the total number of fouls that will be committed by both teams.

The possibilities are endless, and the concept allows fans to engage with sport more dynamically than ever before. Of course, if you’ve learned anything about how to bet on NBA, you’ll know that these bets have to be calculated beforehand.

Sportsbooks aren’t newbies – they’ve been around long enough to know instinctively just what the figure for any prop is likely to be and set the odds accordingly. Your job is to use your knowledge to beat them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to bet on NBA games, we’re sure you’re dying to test out your new found knowledge. It’s important to remember to conduct thorough research, and to always gamble responsibly. If you’re looking for the best sportsbooks to place your wagers, go through our sportsbook reviews and find the best one for your needs.


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Bet on NBA FAQs

NBA betting involves placing wagers on basketball games, typically by predicting the outcome of the game or specific aspects of it. This guide provides an introduction to NBA betting.

Basketball odds are represented by either a negative or positive sign along with a number. The negative sign denotes the favorite, while the positive sign represents the underdog. The number indicates the odds of the event occurring.

Spread bets in NBA betting involve predicting whether the winning or losing team will do so by a certain margin. These bets are used to balance the odds when one team is heavily favored over the other.

Moneyline bets in NBA betting involve simply picking the winner of a game. It’s a straightforward bet where you choose one team to win, with no consideration for point spreads.

Prop bets, or proposition bets, in NBA betting allow you to bet on various in-game events or statistics, such as the number of three-pointers a player will score or the total number of fouls committed by both teams. Prop bets add a dynamic element to NBA betting.