Best Offshore Betting Sites That Don’t Need State Approval Within the U.S.

So, you’re new to the sports betting market and want help locating the best offshore betting sites.

Before you can take that step, it is important to know the difference between sportsbooks; U.S.-regulated books are specific to sportsbooks, or betting sites, that are registered within each state, whereas offshore books are available on a wider basis and do not need state approval. For anyone living outside of the USA, the best offshore betting sites will also be available.

TOP #3 Sports Betting Sites to Bet Online

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Each betting site is known as a sportsbook and provides betting lines for sports and events either in progress or soon to come, with some futures (long-term bets) also. 

Because sports betting is such an expansive and rapidly-growing market, each sportsbook is looking to innovate in some fashion despite sharing most of its characteristics with its competitors. Here is everything that you need to know when determining the best offshore betting sites.

Finding a Sportsbook

The first step that you will want to take in your determination process is to compile a list of every sportsbook that you are interested in researching. A quick way to do this is to locate sportsbook reviews, which will rattle off a plethora of sportsbooks and give quick background information about them.

From there, you will want to consider both the longevity and potential for each of the sportsbook candidates; this takes additional time and research and will speak more to the reliability of the betting site than the short-term gratification.

Another factor to consider is what types of bets you will place when you enter the market. Some of the best offshore betting sites focus on the basics: moneylines, spreads, and over/unders, while others are geared towards prop bets or live betting. You may change your approach in the future, but settling on a sportsbook that fits your immediate needs is the best idea.

Digging Deeper

Once you have a basic list of options, you will want to take a trip to the website of each sportsbook and simply look around to get a feel for the website.

Although this is not a tangible concept, you should hope to find a sportsbook that feels welcoming, has a simple user interface, and is exciting to be on. Humans are more likely to spend time in environments where they are comfortable, so finding a sportsbook that aligns with this rule is important, even if it has nothing to do with odds or money.

Another factor to consider is what types of sports are being offered on each sportsbook— bettors looking for March Madness odds will usually find what they are looking for, whereas mixed martial arts specialists may only find betting lines on certain sportsbooks.

Taking the Final Steps

After looking at the high-level factors and finding sportsbooks that offer the sports that pique your interest, cross-reference the betting lines against each other and see if one sportsbook consistently offers more favorable odds than the other. If so, this will set you up to make more money and should make the decision easier.

Different sportsbooks will also offer different registration benefits, so figuring out which one of these makes the most sense to you can help make the sign-up process painless, if not enjoyable.

As long as you have done your research, finding the best offshore betting sites should be fairly easy; remember that there is no strict right or wrong choice, just one that works the best for you and your interests.
Don’t be afraid to change your betting approach in the future, always stay on top of the market, and, most importantly, have fun.

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What are Offshore Sports Betting Sites?

Offshore sportsbooks are non-U.S. regulated betting locales that will accept wagers on practically anything, ranging from the Super Bowl Moneyline to whether the national anthem on a Thursday night basketball game will last longer than a specified time.