SportsBetting Review

SportsBetting Review

Comprehensive SportsBetting Sportsbook review to ensure that you have all the necessary information required in one piece to make an informed choice.
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Delving into the platform’s history for a second will allow you to have a complete picture of its activities. Established in 2001, the site enjoys a reputation as one of the leading sportsbooks out there. They offer strong bonuses, a wide variety of payout and deposit options, and excellent wager odds and lines.

  • Strong Bonuses
  • Quick Draw
  • Odds in Advance
  • Bettors Heaven
  • Suited to Everyone
  • Card Fees
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A Comprehensive Guide to

Sport is an activity with close to universal appeal. It is present in some form or the other in every culture and society and allows for the creation and development of adjacent industries. For instance, based on the existence of sports leagues and competitions, video games, clothing brands, sports bars, pubs, podcasts, and analysis shows, all find a revenue stream.

Similarly, we have the offshore sports betting or gambling industry. It’s a story as old as time. If there’s some sports competition happening, chances are someone somewhere is betting on it. In the past, the industry for this activity was not very formal. 

Its existence and popularity were never in question, but rather the integrity and character of the people involved were. Popular media certainly played a part by portraying gamblers and bookies as shady characters in trouble with the law or collection agents as thugs. This portrayal left a lasting impression on the general public.

While the industry still enjoyed relative popularity, it was certainly something that the average person would have several cautionary anecdotes about. Then came the internet. The internet allowed created a digital buffer between the participant and the provider. Gambling became as easy as checking your email.

This led to an increase in the number of gambling sites and online sportsbooks. It also led to an increase in the number of people participating in online sports betting. Whether you were a novice or a professional gambler, information on the various sports betting sites required finding out the best place for people to bet.

We will be providing an extensive sports betting review. Our hope is that this sports betting sportsbook review will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sports betting platform and compare it to other popular overseas sports betting sites.

What is

SportsBetting Ag MLB Banner

Delving into the platform’s history for a second will allow you to have a complete picture of its activities. Established in 2001, the site enjoys a reputation as one of the leading sportsbooks out there. They offer strong bonuses, a wide variety of payout and deposit options, and excellent wager odds and lines.

If you have conducted a preliminary Google search on the platform, the name Betonline may have cropped up. This is because Betonline acquired in 2012. Sportsbetting had racked up millions of dollars in debt and could only survive by being bought out by Betonline.

Sportsbetting is now a skin of its parent company Betonline. That means resources are shared between the two, but each is a separate entity.

Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review

Browsing for a sportsbook can be a long and arduous process. Not only is there a glut of information out there, but some might even say that there are also too many options. This means that analyzing the relative pros and cons of each sportsbook can be draining.

This section will provide a Sportsbetting sportsbook review that highlights the positives and negatives of this sportsbook. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What We Like

There are always both positives and negatives to be highlighted about any sportsbook. Ultimately, this represents a key determinant in your choice going forward. So let’s take a look at the elements of this sportsbook that appeal to us:

Strong Bonuses:

Look, we all know how valuable bonuses can be, and in this respect, Sportsbetting doesn’t disappoint. Much like its parent company, Sportsbetting offers one of the most diverse and expansive ranges of bonuses to its users. These bonuses help new users to get started and existing bettors to maximize their earnings.

Quick Draw:

We’ve always maintained that having strong bonuses is only good if the payout speed is quick. The reasoning for this is that having a higher winning is pointless if you have to wait a week to have the money in hand. It would be preferable to have a slightly lower amount if it’s promptly made available to you. The present value of money is greater than the future value so it’s important for us that payouts be prompt. This is why we can’t stop singing Sportsbetting’s praises. Amazing bonuses paired with fast payout times are a huge positive for us and should be for you.

Odds in Advance:

This isn’t to say that you know the odds for particular wager days beforehand. It simply means that on a spectrum of how a sportsbook releases early odds, Sportsbetting is far quicker than others. This efficiency carries several benefits for you. Not only do you get to strategize earlier than others, but you can also take advantage of any mistakes made by the platform. The bottom line is that your chances of success with wager odds made available earlier are higher than for odds that are released much later.

Bettors Heaven:

Another feather in Sportsbetting’s cap is that they offer access to a great variety of betting markets. Sports bettors need options to capitalize on various situations, and limited markets tend to mean limits on your winnings. Furthermore, betting limits are also higher than other sportsbooks, which we feel deserves a big mention in our Sportsbetting sportsbook review.

Suited to Everyone:

Some sportsbooks are more suited to professional gamblers, and there are sites that are built more with the casual bettor in mind. While specialty sites definitely have their place, sites that serve a general audience are also required. SportsBetting is one of those sites. This means that you don’t need to worry about choosing between sports betting sites based on your needs. It also means that you don’t have to switch sportsbooks as you gain experience and become a veteran. If you were using one for novices, you’ll see that you’ve outgrown the website’s features.

What We Dislike

Don’t be under any illusions though. No sportsbook is without its problems, and we cannot claim to be writing an objective sportsbetting review without also mentioning the flaws that users have reported, and we’ve also observed.

We believe that if the parent company engages in certain practices, audiences should keep those things in consideration when dealing with the daughter company. So, in the interest of providing a fair Sportsbetting sportsbook review, we’ve highlighted things that may not be a mark against Sportsbetting itself, but should still be considered:

Frustrating Customer Reps:

It is worth mentioning that this has been a long-standing issue with Sportsbetting. While there are many positive aspects for beginners, this may become a sticking point for them. That isn’t to say that experts won’t or shouldn’t care about this, just that beginners tend to need more help. Now, if you’re a beginner, you’ll find the customer support team to be criminally uninformed about company practices and policies. This is not an isolated incident; players have been complaining about this issue for years. So, if you encounter any issues on the site or have a general inquiry, you may not feel reassured by the customer service representatives.

Past Issues:

The platform accused players of cheating but did not provide any evidence. In fact, they even confirmed that everything seemed to be in order. Yet, the players’ winnings were unfairly withheld for an extended period of time. The user was eventually paid in full, and such issues have not cropped up for almost a decade now, but needless to say, these incidents still follow the platform.

Card Fees:

This is a strange one because platforms charge fees on other payout or withdrawal methods as well, but it doesn’t attract any attention. In fact, most platforms will charge a small percentage to process card transactions. However, Sportsbetting charges an unusually high percentage. The problem for most people here is that this medium is the preferred choice for a majority of players. They feel that they should be facilitated rather than overcharged for using this medium. Even if the platform doesn’t wish to go lower than the industry standard, at least a much higher fee should not be required.

Now that we’ve highlighted the pros and cons in our Sportsbetting sportsbook review, it’s time to turn to other matters pertaining to the platform.

Banking at Sportsbetting

Banking options make up an important part of any betting platform’s appeal. While these are not directly related to the main objective of using the site, they are there to facilitate the activity. You wouldn’t want to bet on a platform that doesn’t have a strong focus on banking.

By banking, we mean payout and withdrawal options and how these things are carried out. So let’s take a look at this aspect of the site in our Sportsbetting review.

Payout Options at Sportsbetting

Collecting your money after winning big or small is a thrilling feeling. It is physical proof of your efforts and of your victory. This experience can be soured if the payout is slow or if the available options are limited. The reason for this is that recovering money that is rightfully yours should not require jumping through unnecessary hoops. 

For instance, we’ve already discussed that debit and credit cards are the most popular medium. If they’re not offered as a payout option, you will have to go through the inconvenience of finding an available option and figuring out how to use it.

One of the best things about this platform is that there are very few options with payout fees involved. For those not familiar, this is a big deal. Most platforms try to get a cut of your winnings under service or processing charges. It is refreshing to see such a wide variety of options and such few processing charges. 

Here are the payout methods available to Sportsbetting users:

Method Minimum Limit ($) Maximum Limit ($) Speed Charges  ($)
Skrill 25 9900 2 Days 20
Check 500 5000 15 Days 50 to 53
Bitcoin 20 100000 1 Day None
Ripple 20 100000 1 Day None
Ethereum 20 100000 1 Day None
Litecoin 20 100000 1 Day None
Person 2 Person 50 400 5 Days 26 to 51
Bank Wire 500 24900 15 Days None

Deposit Options at Sportsbetting

For most Sportsbetting websites, deposit options are never a troubling situation. Since it’s always easier to give someone money than to take it from them. Much like other websites, Sportsbetting offers a wide range of options in this regard. 

It would be wrong of us not to mention in our Sportsbetting review that the platform certainly exceeds expectations in this department. The number of mediums available to make your payments is high and varied ensuring that you’ll have a smooth experience.

Let’s look at the various deposit options offered by Sportsbetting.

Method Minimum Limit ($) Maximum Limit ($) Speed
Bitcoin 20 100000 2 to 4 Hours
Ripple 20 100000 2 to 4 Hours
Ethereum 20 100000 2 to 4 Hours
Litecoin 20 100000 2 to 4 Hours
Bitcoin Cash 20 100000 2 to 4 Hours
Credit Cards 50 2500 1 to 15 Minutes
Check 45 2500 1 to 2 Days
Bank Transfer 1000 None 1 to 2 Days
Skrill 10 50000 2 to 3 Days
Person 2 Person 100 600 2 to 3 Days
Money Orders 300 9000 2 to 3 Days
Ecopayz 300 9000 2 to 3 Days

Sportsbetting Bonuses and Promotions

We’ve already spoken about the importance of bonuses. For us, bonuses form a crucial part of any sportsbook’s appeal. If a sportsbook has mediocre bonuses, it immediately falls in our rankings. The reason for this is that there are so many options to choose from these days that this really isn’t an area that you should have to compromise on. If Sportsbetting sports betting options are great but the Sportsbetting promotions are lacking, there are plenty of options that offer good bonuses and sports betting options.

Luckily Sportsbetting offers a wide range of bonuses and promotions to attract new users as well as keep existing customers engaged. Given the range of bonuses and promotions, along with the speedy payouts, we think Sportsbetting truly distinguishes itself in this regard. We felt we could not have moved on without Sportsbetting’s sportsbook review without lavishing the site with praise for getting this right.

Let’s take a look at the various bonuses available now.

Unlimited Reload Bonus

One of the best bonuses out there is the unlimited reload bonus that existing customers can take advantage of. A lot of sites are very nice to you when you’re just signing up by offering several incentives to get you onto the platform. As soon as you’ve been there a while, they begin to stop rewarding you as frequently.

With that in mind, the lifetime reload bonus offered by Sportsbetting is truly a breath of fresh air. The bonus offers a 25% reward on your deposit and can go as high as $250. The bonus is accompanied by a 6x rollover which isn’t too bad in our view and is valid at all times. However, it is important to note that it is only available if your account balance is 0. That is to say, only add money to your account when it is completely drained to avail of this offer by using the code FORLIFE.

Welcome Bonus

We mentioned in the previous part that most sites offer you incentives to join the platform and then forget about you after a while. Sportsbetting shows the competition how it’s done by not only having the previously discussed reload bonus but also rewarding you for signing up. 

The welcome bonus is a pretty standard practice in the online betting world. Sportsbetting’s version of the welcome bonus can give you a 50% reward on your first deposit. The higher the deposit the greater the reward but there is an upper limit. The limit here is $1000. The rollover requirements are 10x applied to the total amount (deposit plus bonus).

First-time Crypto Bonus

Cryptocurrency is a favorite for betting sites. They always try to encourage users to carry out transactions in crypto. This is demonstrated by fast payout and deposit times on crypto transactions, the no fees involved in doing so, and promotions.

SportsBetting promotions also include a crypto bonus. The bonus offers a return of 50% up to $500 on your deposit amount. The rollover rate is quite high at 14x. You must make a minimum deposit of $20 and use the code 100CRYPTO when adding the money to your account.

Sportsbetting Promotions

  • Live Bet Rebate: You can recover $25 if your first live bet results in a loss for you. The rollover for this bonus is 6x.
  • Free Mobile Bet: Similar to the above, you can receive $50 on your first mobile bet if you lose.
  • Horse Rebate: Receive a 7% on horse race bet that you ended up losing if the bet is placed online. This becomes a 4% rebate if done over the phone.
  • MLB Dime Lines:  Enjoy dime lines of up to -194 throughout the MLB season.
  • NHL Reduced Juice: Receive 10-cent lines on NHL bets.

Customer Service

We’ve already spoken at length about the quality of customer service available at Sportsbetting. We feel like this is an area that requires improvement. The issues have been continuing for years so we feel that the platform is well aware of customer opinion. Not much else can be said on the matter.

In terms of methods available to reach out to Sportsbetting customer service, it’s a pretty standard affair. Nothing stands out per se. They offer three main mediums, live chat, phone, and email. As you may already have guessed, live chat is the fastest, but it may be frustrating to receive bad support over text.

You can reach out over email though that would take longer than expected. Phone calls are also an option available to you. All options are available 24/7, 365 days.

Live Chat: Available on-site.

Phone: 1-888-426-3661

Email: [email protected]

Restricted Countries

Despite being restricted in several countries like France and the UK, is available to customers in the United States. While it is true that the platform cannot be accessed from certain regions, the number of restricted countries is relatively small. Furthermore, while people from all over the world can use the site, it is primarily designed to cater to U.S. audiences with a focus on American sports.


The platform offers English and Spanish as the native language. This makes a lot of sense considering that the focus is on U.S. audiences, and those are the two major languages there.

Licensing Information

Sportsbetting is licensed in Panama City, Panama. As such, it falls under Panama’s regulations and licensing authorities. 


Unsurprisingly, all transactions are conducted in US dollars.

Final Word

Our Sportsbetting review now comes to a close. We tried our best to include a comprehensive Sportsbetting sportsbook review to ensure that you have all the necessary information required in one piece to make an informed choice. Don’t want to commit to Sportsbetting just yet? That’s fine. You can view our expert guides on other sportsbooks and see if they’re better suited to your needs.

SportsBetting Sportsbook FAQs

What sports can I bet on at SportsBetting?

SportsBetting Sportsbook offers a wide range of sports for betting, including major ones like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, as well as other sports such as tennis, golf, MMA, and auto racing. The availability of sports may vary depending on the season and current sporting events.

Is SportsBetting Sportsbook legal and safe to use?

The legality of using SportsBetting Sportsbook depends on your location, as sports betting laws vary by country and state. It’s important to check local laws before using the platform. SportsBetting Sportsbook is known for implementing robust security measures to ensure the safety and privacy of its users.

How can I deposit and withdraw funds on SportsBetting Sportsbook?

SportsBetting Sportsbook typically offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. The process involves logging into your account, navigating to the banking section, and choosing your preferred method. Transaction times and fees may vary.

Are there any welcome bonuses or promotions at SportsBetting Sportsbook?

Yes, SportsBetting Sportsbook often provides welcome bonuses for new users and various promotions for existing customers. These can include deposit bonuses, free bets, and other special offers. The details and terms of these promotions are regularly updated on their website.

Can I bet on live games at SportsBetting Sportsbook?

Yes, SportsBetting Sportsbook offers live betting options, allowing you to place bets on games that are already in progress. The odds for live betting are dynamically updated based on the current score and game situation, providing an engaging betting experience.

SportsBetting Sportsbook Reviews & Testimonials

SportsBetting Sportsbook
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Jordan L.
Top-Notch Betting Variety

Love the diverse betting options! SportsBetting Sportsbook offers excellent odds and a great selection of sports. A must-try for bettors.

 by Rachel K.
Reliable and User-Friendly

Impressed with the reliability and ease of use. SportsBetting Sportsbook has a great interface and efficient customer service. A solid choice.

 by Carlos R.
Fantastic Live Betting Experience

The live betting feature is a game-changer! Real-time updates and exciting betting options make this my go-to sportsbook.

 by David B.
Technical Issues are a Letdown

The app has frequent technical glitches which interrupt betting. Needs more stability and better tech support.

 by Mike H.
Efficient and Enjoyable

Great experience! Wide range of sports, user-friendly interface, and quick payouts. Highly recommend for sports betting enthusiasts!

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The rollover rate is quite high at 14x.

You must make a minimum deposit of $20
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