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4.5 rating
Betonline was already considered a platform with immense integrity, and as such, was trusted by bettors everywhere.
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BetUS is a Costa Rica based offshore sports betting company. Launched in 1994, it is one of the oldest sports betting sites in the world.
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4.8 rating
Bovada is a trusted online gambling site offering sports betting, poker, casino games and betting on horse racing.
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50% of your deposit amount, up to $250. The rollover for its use in the sportsbook is 5x
4.8 rating
MyBookie bonuses are some of the best in the business, both in terms of quality and variety. This is an area that put MyBookie up.
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4.8 rating
In our review, emerges as a standout online sportsbook and casino. It offers an engaging betting experience where users can log in, place bets, and potentially reap significant rewards, distinguishing itself from the usual online sports betting platforms.
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Please see BetNow's General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.
4.5 rating
Delivering fast transaction processing times, a wide range of betting options, and excellent bonuses and promotions. GTBets is one of the best options you have.
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New customers only
On your first deposit, you can receive a 100% cash bonus of up to $500. On your second deposit, you are eligible to receive a 50% bonus of up to $250.
4.5 rating
Bookmaker enjoys the unique distinction of pioneering offshore sports betting. Sports betting has been around for a while
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New customers only

The rollover for the sportsbook is 10x while for the casino it’s 40x.
4.5 rating
Comprehensive SportsBetting Sportsbook review to ensure that you have all the necessary information required in one piece to make an informed choice.
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New customers only

The rollover rate is quite high at 14x.

You must make a minimum deposit of $20

2023 Best Offshore Sportsbooks Reviews

Looking for the best offshore sportsbooks online websites? Want to know which sportsbook you can trust? Our Sportsbook reviews will give you the insight you need to choose the right Sports Betting site for you. Find the sportsbook for you below:

Best Offshore Sportsbooks Reviews for 2023

Whether you are a sports betting rookie, or are a pro looking to improve your online betting experience, read our in-depth Sports Betting / Offshore Sportsbooks Reviews and ratings and start betting the smart way!. Listed above you’ll find the most trusted and safest sports betting sites. Don’t forget to check out our list of best online sportsbooks for US gamblers for additional information on each betting website.

What is there to say about the sport except that it needs no introduction? It is an activity that all age groups enjoy at varying degrees of skill. From complete amateurs to seasoned professionals, every day, millions of people engage in this fun activity.

Sport has been around as long as organized civilization came into existence. When something transcends time and space to this degree, it is truly something special. As society has developed further, the audience for sports has only grown.

What was once simply a source of entertainment for the local community was catapulted to an international audience by broadcasting companies. The resounding success of these companies made others want to join in on the act.

Thanks to the internet and social media, most major sports have become a global phenomenon today. The level of engagement that fans can provide their favorite teams, paired with the revenues that this engagement generates, means that this trend is expected to continue.

Sports betting is an activity that has also always accompanied sports. Regardless of how much distaste there was for the activity itself in its earlier days, one cannot deny the immense popularity of sports betting institutions.

The word “institutions” makes the industry sound more organized than it was back in the day. The reason for most people’s aversion to gambling and sports betting, despite its appeal, was the shady nature in which these places conducted their dealings.

Needless to say, the average citizen would want to steer clear of anything that even remotely looks like trouble. This bad reputation was largely unfair, but that isn’t to say that the fears were unwarranted. The exponential growth in the audience for mainstream sports brought on by the internet and social media also impacted the sports betting industry where companies like Online Betting Sports jump up offering the best Offshore Sportsbooks Reviews.

Many sports betting “institutions” moved online and established sports betting sites. These sites offered a solution to the many reservations people had about partaking in sports betting and gambling. The first was obvious – they no longer had to personally interact with the characters they had been told to be wary of by law enforcement and the media.

The second solution was that an online site gave many of these Sports Betting Sites an air of credibility that they previously did not have. Gambling and sports betting could now be not only profitable and fun but also safe.

The Era of Online Sportsbooks

Enter the new age of sports betting brought on by these sports betting sites. This is an era that has brought a mainstream appeal to sports betting and gambling. With interest in the activity growing every day, the number of digital Offshore Sportsbook Reviews around the internet began to multiply as well.

For those of you who are unaware, a sportsbook is a document that records and displays the sports betting odds and wagers that a bookie, or sports betting platform as is the case here, offers to their clients. The best sports betting sites summarized their offering in four words: quick, private, convenient, and fun.

With interest in sportsbook reviews increasing, many people new to the gambling world wonder: which ones are the best-rated Offshore sportsbooks? We have an in-house team of experts with decades-long experience in the online betting world that answers this question for you.

Our team compiles the best and worst aspects of the best-rated Offshore Sportsbook Reviews in handy guides, so you have all the information you need in one place. These guides are available below for your viewing pleasure.

Today, we’ll be speaking more generally about Offshore Sportsbooks. On this page, you’ll find how you can judge a sportsbook for yourself and our favorite Offshore sportsbooks. Read on to learn more!

How to Judge a Sportsbook

The Offshore sportsbook you choose for your sports betting activities will play an important role in how well you do. You may think that most of the best Offshore Sportsbooks Reviews offer similar enough services that you can just choose one at random, but this is a bad strategy.

This is because there can be a variety of reasons why a site is considered among the best sports betting sites. The reason may not be why you wish to participate in sports betting at all, or it may not be as relevant to you as other factors. Today, we’ll look at what these factors are to make more informed decisions for yourself.

Knowing these factors will also help you understand the various Offshore sportsbook reviews available online, including the ones we create. By familiarizing yourself with the criteria for judgment, you ensure that the sports betting reviews aren’t misleading you.

Here are the criteria that are commonly used to gauge the quality of any offshore sportsbook reviews.


The first item on your list of considerations when picking a sportsbook should always be to look up how long it has been in existence. The world of sports betting has been around for a long time, and any sportsbook worth its sale has at least a couple of decades under its belt.

Why is longevity so important? Well, for starters, the longer an offshore sportsbook has been around, the less likely it is to defraud you. It isn’t very nice to view the world with such cynicism, but many of us who have been around the online sports betting world for a long time know how important it is to be careful.

A website that has been around for a while is not likely to cheat you out of your money because one can only cheat people a few times before everyone catches on and the platform is abandoned. The second reason longevity is important is because it creates a reliable track record.

Consistency and reliability are important in any business, but they are needed in heaps in this industry. This is because the gambling and online betting industries and the sports betting sites in it are always under close scrutiny by law enforcement agencies.

In an instant, a website could come crashing down because the authorities raided their offices and seized their assets. In such instances, a track record helps because you can look at how the same operators have dealt with it in the past.

Many have run away without clearing all the funds that they owed existing customers. A few returned and paid everyone back. It is these few that should be trusted. It should now be clear why the amount of years in operation is so important when analyzing the quality of an offshore sportsbook.

Offshore Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

The second most important factor that most sports betting reviews account for is the quality and variety of Sportsbook bonuses and promotions offered by a sportsbook. The concept behind bonuses is simple: you’re going to choose a sportsbook anyway, might as well choose one that sweetens the deal as much as possible.

Bonuses and promotions are essentially a offshore sportsbook saying that they want you to choose them over the competition. Of course, the competition is also offering some really nice bonuses. This is where your ability to judge bonuses along with the sportsbook comes in.

Offshore Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of bonuses, from first deposit bonuses to recurring ones – we’ve covered these on our site as well. Your job is to look at all the various sportsbooks’ bonuses and judge them on two points.

The first point should always be quality. Look at how much the bonus offers and what kind of terms and conditions are attached to it. Sometimes a sports betting site will offer you a great bonus, but one that would ultimately be useless to you. So make sure you go through the terms and conditions for each bonus that you really like and see if it’s even worth the admiration you’re giving it.

The next point is variety. Building on from our previous point about quality, an offshore sportsbook can offer you a large number of bonuses, but if they’re all basic and don’t really offer much, then these low-quality bonuses should not be preferred over a few high-quality bonuses offered elsewhere.

The same principle applies to variety. If there are plenty of bonuses, but all of them pretty much do the same thing, then are you really being offered choice or just the illusion of choice?

Note: You should also find out if you will be asked to choose between bonuses. The best rated offshore sportsbooks offer great bonuses but often limit you to one because otherwise, they would never make a profit.

You should also see if the bonuses are only offered to new customers. This is because if you choose to join, you will no longer be a new customer, and if the bonuses stop coming in, you may feel cheated. Many of the best sports betting sites offer promotions for regular clients along with new clients. These are the sportsbooks that you should aim to give your business to.

Banking Options

Another crucial criterion for measuring the quality of a sportsbook is the number of banking options you are provided with. Banking options when dealing with offshore betting companies is so key because of the word “offshore”. These businesses are thousands of miles away, and as such, it’s important that you can conduct your transactions swiftly and conveniently.

This means that the payment and withdrawal options should be a good mix of convenience, speed, and legitimacy. In terms of speed, cryptocurrency is the fastest and most secure method of transaction. As such, dealing in crypto comes highly recommended by most sportsbook reviews, including those we produce. However, many people worry about the legitimacy of cryptocurrency. This is a matter that can only be addressed over time, so in the meantime, you should have some other options available to you.

A more mainstream option is credit cards. Most people would prefer to use credit cards to conduct their business with these online sports betting sites. There are few things that you should consider when choosing to do so, though. Payment and withdrawal speeds are a little slower than crypto, but that much is expected. The worst part of using credit cards is the transaction fees associated with them.

What you gain in credibility, you lose in these charges. The reason charges don’t exist for cryptocurrency users is that sports betting sites prefer this mode of payment. In fact, almost all of the other options for banking with these sites will involve some kind of charge.

Using traditional banking is even more annoying. It can take up to two weeks to process payments completely. We should mention that there is a huge disparity in how deposits and withdrawals are treated by sports betting sites.

Deposits feel like they happen instantaneously or close enough to that, while withdrawals vary based on the mode of transaction used. Most methods apart from cryptocurrency will take at least a week to fully process.

These are all the banking-related information you need to be familiar with when dealing with online sportsbooks.

Customer Service

We could probably write a book on this subject, to be honest. Customer service is one of those aspects of business that receives very little attention until there’s a huge problem that affects many people. In fact, think about when you last thought about customer service when purchasing something online.

The lack of interest people show in the quality of customer service is shocking, especially because customer service becomes the most important thing to them when something goes wrong. Anyway, this lack of alertness on behalf of the average consumer translates to a lack of interest from businesses as well.

When it comes to offshore sportsbook sites reviews, one cannot ignore customer service at all. Why is this the case? The answer is simple really. You have no idea who is on the other end of the business. Unlike most physical businesses where you can always track down the manager or responsible party to complain about the service, these sites don’t have physical locations.

On top of being completely online, they’re not even in your local area or indeed in your country. These companies are registered in foreign countries like Costa Rica or Macau, thousands of miles away from you. If they don’t care about your experience on the site, there’s very little you can do about it other than taking your business elsewhere.

This is why customer service is such an important criterion for judgment. The best-rated sportsbooks are loyal to their users and genuinely want them to have a high-quality experience on their platform. They don’t stop there, though. Beyond just creating a great product, they ensure that their after-sales team is just as good as their sales team.

Websites and online platforms are dynamic environments where things go wrong all the time. When money is involved, someone must be available to resolve the issue promptly. This is where the best sports betting sites distinguish themselves.

We stress this so much that there is literally no reason to go for an offshore sportsbook that doesn’t offer great customer service. There is plenty of competition in this market, and as a result, you have plenty to choose from. Sacrificing some other aspect for customer service quality may leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but it’ll be worth it if you ever need support.

Sports Betting Odds, Lines, Markets, and Variety

It must feel very strange that it took us so long to get to this part. After all, the whole point of registering for a sportsbook is so that you can bet on sports. Here’s our view, the criteria we’ve spoken about so far are preliminary considerations. We believe that before we can even begin to compare the quality of odds and lines offered by a sportsbook, we should ascertain if their level of service is up to scratch.

This is also informed by our years of experience in the field, which tells us that most of the best rated offshore sportsbooks will offer very similar lines. This is because most of these businesses have a team of experts determining the odds, and as with most things in life, the experts reach similar conclusions.

Since the lines are only going to be marginally different, it’s important that we deal with aspects of the sportsbook that can’t be ignored. Now let’s deal with specific matters related to odds and lines. You need to determine who the sportsbook is designed for to make an assessment of the lines and odds.

At the start of this page, we mentioned that the best-rated offshore sportsbooks are often considered the best for various reasons. In this case, lines are influenced by whether the sportsbook is targeted towards amateur or professional bettors.

For sportsbooks that are trying to attract novice users, the lines don’t need to be as sharp because such individuals will often not know what they’re doing. However, the downside to this is that the betting limits will often be much lower to ensure that pros don’t take advantage of this.

For sportsbooks that are trying to attract veterans of the online betting world, the lines need to be razor-sharp because they know their users will punish them if they slip up in this department. The quality of odds on most sportsbooks should be realistic. That is, you should not need to be a literal professional to succeed with your bets.

The variety of bets available to you is also important. Betting is meant to be a fun activity, but it can get boring pretty fast if you can only make a handful of bet types. Variety is everything when it comes to sports betting, and the best sports betting sites are always trying to offer new and innovative ways to engage their users.

The kind of sports you can bet on is obviously also an important consideration. Most sportsbooks will offer mainstream sports, but you may have several niche interests that you would like to bet on. In such an instance, the site must offer you a good mix of options. This means that mainstream and niche sports should both be a part of their offering. In fact, the best rated offshore sportsbooks go above and beyond in what they offer and they often also include categories like entertainment and politics.

In our view, these have been the most important criteria when trying to determine which sportsbook you should give your business to. Using the information we’ve provided above, you should at least narrow down the potential candidates to just two or three sportsbooks.

Final Word

This was our section on the best-rated sportsbooks. We believe we’ve covered everything we wanted to cover on this page in excruciating detail. Using the information mentioned here, you should be comfortable making your own calls about the quality and suitability of any offshore sportsbook you come across. Don’t worry, though! We’re not going anywhere. Our team of experts will continue to produce reviews of the best sports betting sites and update this page periodically. So, if you ever feel lost or just want to confirm if we agree with your assessment, then go through our reviews. Additionally, if you want to know about any other aspect of sports betting that’s confusing you, you can always go through our betting guides.

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