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How to Bet on UFC Fights 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Betting on UFC

Sport is one of the oldest forms of entertainment out there. Humans have always turned to sport in the evening to take their minds off the monotony of everyday life. Of course, the variety and complexity of the sports available have always depended on the type of society and the resources available.

As such, we can say that sport is a cultural creation shaped by various external factors. We can look at the origins of Soccer in England, where many of the world’s biggest clubs originated. Many of these clubs were formed by workers in the various industries there.

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Dock workers, steel mill workers, weapon manufacturers all played a part in shaping the clubs as we see them today. As they grew in size, they began to shape the sport itself. Rules and regulations were drafted, leagues and knockout competitions were founded, and the sport was divided into professional and amateur divisions.

This shows how cultural and social factors shaped the sport of soccer in England. The same story goes differently in Spain, where the monarchy was also involved in the decision-making process. This proves that many factors inform the evolution of the sport.

Things are a lot different than they were in the past. Broadcast television brought many sports to an international audience. In the 90s and early 00s, millions of people enjoyed watching sports that weren’t being played in their countries.

This added a new dimension to the evolution of the sport. Then came the internet, and this is where things really kicked off. Thanks to the internet and social media, we are now more greatly involved in each other’s lives than ever before. There is a wealth of information out there on every given issue.

The internet catapulted various sports from the UK and the US to a global audience that was primed to consume this content. This had two effects; first, the revenues generated by these sports skyrocketed, and second, the factors that influenced the evolution of these sports multiplied exponentially.

Nothing is surprising about this either; when you depend on a global audience for revenues, you must ensure that they are satisfied with the product. The arrival of a global audience had effects not just on the sport itself but also on adjacent industries.

Introduction to Sports Betting

The biggest impact was felt by the gambling and sports betting industry. Gambling has been around just as long as most of the sports you can think of. The internet increased the accessibility and ease of sports betting such that more people could now participate in it.

The fact that everything was done online eased the misgivings that many people had about the industry in general as well. With interest in gambling growing, many people turned to the internet to ask questions about sports betting and learn how to participate in it.

If you’ve been on a similar journey, you’ll see that there is often too much out there to sift through. This is why we offer all the information you’ll need with respect to online sports betting, all under one roof. Our team of experts regularly writes guides on the various technical aspects of gambling to understand everything involved in it.

The same team maintains a portfolio of reviews of the top sportsbooks out there so you can decide where to take your business. Today we’ll be talking about a sport that is one of the oldest in the world in some ways. It’s very strange to think about it as one of the first spots because it’s normally considered a fairly recent invention.

We’ll be discussing UFC today. Why do we consider UFC Betting one of the oldest sports when it is clearly something new? Well, we’ve already explained our view on the evolution of sports. If you think about it, boxing and fighting in a general sense have been around for a long time. They have been professionalized several times over the past centuries.

UFC, in our view, is just the latest iteration in this evolution. Today our focus will be on explaining UFC betting, UFC odds and UFC betting strategy that we think will bring you great success. We hope that this guide will help you learn all that there is to know about UFC bets and bet with confidence on future UFC events.

How to Bet on UFC

As we’ve already mentioned, the internet and smartphones have made participating in sports betting easier than ever. What once used to be a manual process is now all digital and online. One of the problems people had with gambling and sports betting was interacting with unknown agents with shady reputations.

This is no longer the case. Most sports betting takes place on online sports betting platforms these days. So let’s take a look at how you can bet on UFC.

Select a Sportsbook

The very first step is to select a sportsbook where you will be placing your bets. We already told you that the internet led to an increase in the number of people who participated in online betting and gambling. This naturally resulted in more and more platforms where people can bet. Each sportsbook offers a wide variety of features and services to attract sports bettors. As such, you want to find a sportsbook that meets all the criteria that you’re looking for.

Various aspects determine the quality of a sportsbook. First, you have the obvious – wager types and quality. The whole reason you are using the sportsbook is to bet on UFC, so it should have high-quality UFC odds, and lots of betting options for you to utilize.

Another important aspect is bonuses and promotions. Most sportsbooks offer promotional offers to attract and retain clients. You obviously want to take advantage of these, so this must be reflected in your choice.

There are lots of aspects to a sportsbook that you would want to consider, and you may worry that you’ll make the wrong choice because of your lack of knowledge about the industry. This isn’t a huge obstacle as we compile reviews on the best sportsbooks out there, as we’ve already mentioned. Just go through our reviews and compare all the relevant aspects to arrive at a decision that you are comfortable with.

Add Money to Your Account

Once you’ve signed up for the sportsbook of your choice, the next step is to add money into your virtual account. This can be done via various means. You will have to go through the options that a sportsbook provides and choose the most convenient for you.

We always recommend using cryptocurrency when dealing with online betting platforms as most of them waive service charges on this mode of payment. That’s a huge benefit as it is, but on top of it, you also receive a much faster payout and deposit times. Furthermore, betting platforms heavily favour cryptocurrencies due to their security and decentralization, so they offer exclusive bonuses to those who use them.

In any case, you need to add money into your account before you can place a bet.

Find a Wager and Place a Bet

This process looks fairly simple but is actually one of the toughest. The easy part is navigating to the betting options on the site and finding the various UFC bets available. All you have to do is click on the one you like and place the bet.

The difficult part is to know which bet to place. If you’re a novice, chances are you’re pretty confused by the various numbers and figures mentioned alongside each wager. Until you understand those numbers, it’s impossible to truly know whether you’re making the right call or not.

This is why the rest of this guide will be concerned with showing you the various types of UFC bets, how to read UFC odds, and some UFC betting tips and strategies for success. Read on to learn more!

Types of UFC Bets

First, we’ll begin by looking into the types of bets you can place on MMA fights. MMA, like any other sport, is a form of entertainment; most people assert that it leans more heavily towards entertainment than towards sports. As such, there are many interesting UFC bets you can place to earn a tidy profit and accentuate your enjoyment of the sport.

Moneyline Betting

Look, if you know anything about sports betting, you must already be familiar with moneyline bets. The great thing about this UFC betting type is that it’s so simple that you probably already know about it even if you think you don’t.

Why do we say this with such confidence? Well, for starters, moneyline betting isn’t limited to UFC. Moneyline bets are a universal feature of the sports betting world whether it’s online or offline. The concept behind it is so simple that you’ve probably engaged it completely unaware that you’re making a moneyline bet.

If we refer to it by its other name, match betting, then perhaps the story becomes a lot clearer. Put simply, in moneyline bets, the bettor is betting on the outcome of the match. It is as straightforward as betting gets, which is also why it is one of the most popular betting types.

So, to place a moneyline bet, all you have to do is pick the likely winner of the fight. Of course, it seems rather straightforward on the surface, but there are always several factors to place any sports bet. Regardless of how simple a UFC betting type may appear, you still need to account for fighting style, injury history, opponent skill level and form, among other things, before placing a bet.

The more factors you can account for, the greater the chances of succeeding with your bet.

Victory Method

UFC fights have to end at some point, just like any other sport. At the end of the fight, one fighter is normally declared the winner. Victory method bets add a layer on top of standard moneyline bets and give you better odds and higher winnings.

The explanation is in the name, to be honest. There are three main ways that a fighter can be declared the winner of a UFC fight. The first is the one everyone will be familiar with – knockout. This simply means that the winner was the clear cut winner because their opponent was knocked unconscious.

The second type is winning by submission. This is when the opponent is still conscious but unable to continue. In such a situation, the opponent essentially throws in the towel.

The final method of victory is if the two fighters go through the entirety of the fight without being knocked out or submitting. At this point, the judge must decide which fighter has done more to deserve the victory.

Once again, on the surface, this is a relatively straightforward bet to understand. However, you should know that it isn’t that simple in actuality. To be successful with these types of bets, you need to have a deep understanding of the sport itself.

You must be wondering how an understanding of the sport can help you predict the method of victory. Well, the idea is that each fighter has their own unique fighting style. Some like to come out swinging and then taper off as the fight goes on, while others can take a beating and then deliver the blows in the final rounds when the opponent is exhausted.

Some fighters rely on wrestling moves, like holds, to bully their opponent into submission while others want to utilize their physical superiority and go for the knockout. Knowing how the two fighters engage in the sport will help you decide what the likely outcome is.

Of course, this is just one example. There will be several other factors that go into a fight and indeed the method of victory. The skill and experience differential between the fighters is also important to consider when betting on UFC. If one fighter prefers to go the distance and win by making the other fighter submit, but the other fighter is far stronger than them, you can assume that the physicality will be too much for the former.

Round Betting

You may already be familiar with prop bets but let’s get into them for a bit once again. UFC betting prop bets are types of bets that allow you to place bets on and collect winnings from events surrounding the fight.

Prop bets can be of two types. The pure gambling variety and the skill variety – those that are pretty much gambling are events like coin tosses. These are considered gambling because there’s no real skill needed to participate in them. Then we have skill-based prop bets.

Don’t underestimate the amount of skill that goes into prop bets! These are some of the hardest forms of betting out there, and success is often very limited. Due to the high risk and low chances of success, many people believe that prop bets are a waste of time. We don’t share that opinion.

In our view, you should definitely seek to use prop bets when you feel comfortable predicting the outcome. Of course, you will never feel 100% comfortable, so betting on prop bets is about reducing the odds of failure and making educated guesses.

When it comes to UFC betting, round bets are a popular spin on prop bets. Round bets simply ask you to predict what round the match will end in. You may feel like this is pure gambling and that it is impossible to tell. You would be wrong.

Yes, there is a great deal of risk because you cannot really predict with absolute certainty when the fight will end, but once again, you can use historical precedent, fighter skill and experience levels, fighter style and other factors to make educated guesses about how long the fight will last.

You can even combine your prop bets with moneyline and method of victory bets to maximize the earnings from this UFC betting type.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is another betting type that is fairly common due to its sheer popularity. Part of the reason for this popularity is the variety that they offer. Of course, the chance to win big is higher than most bet, but the variety is what does it for most people.

Parlay betting involves combining several unrelated bets into one massive bet. For instance, in the last betting type, you can combine a standard moneyline bet and add around bet and method of victory to it on top as well. These are all related bets.

Parlay betting is when you create a house of cards with unrelated bets. For instance, you can pick the winner of one fight, then the method of victory in another fight, and finally the round in which the fight will end for a completely different fight.

All three of these bets would have to be successful for you to claim the winnings from your parlay bet. This is why we referred to the situation as a “house of cards”. Sure, the risk is high in parlay bets, but the rewards are also a lot higher. You can make quite a pretty penny if you know just when to use a parlay bet.

For instance, some fights don’t offer good odds because the outcome is predictable or any other extenuating factor. Placing a standard bet on this situation won’t lead to a lot of winnings for you. In such cases, you can use parlay betting and earn a lot more than the standard bet would have offered.

The risk is also reduced quite a bit because we already stated that the outcome for such fights is rather predictable, for instance, a highly-skilled fighter taking on a poor, ageing one. In such cases, most people would know just who is likely to win, so the odds will be terrible.

Reading UFC Odds and Lines

Now that we’re familiar with the main type of bets, we can turn our attention to the numbers that you’ve seen all over the sportsbook. Suppose you’ve decided to place a “to win” bet, otherwise also known as a moneyline bet. You’ll see that the two fighters have two figures placed next to their names. For instance, McGregor (+110) vs Poirier (-130) is a fight that took place recently.

You can see in the above example that the numbers are next to each name. The negative sign in sports betting indicates the favorite, while the positive sign indicates the underdog. The number indicates how much you’d have to risk to earn $100.

So, in this case, you would have to bet $130 to win $100 if you bet on Dustin Poirier, while you would have to bet the slightly lower amount of $110 to win $100 if you bet on McGregor to win. You can already see that the financial risk in supporting McGregor is lower.

This is due to him being the underdog. This means that it is unlikely that McGregor will win, and you’re better off betting on Poirier. Of course, you will make your own determination based on your understanding of the fight.

Final Word

This was our ultimate UFC betting guide. We hope that the information found here is useful and can maximize your earnings. Remember to bet responsible, and if you’re ever confused about anything related to sports betting, follow this link.

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