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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a casual bettor looking to blood themselves in the world online sports betting, MyBookie has the right mix of services and offers for you. Our MyBookie review will focus on the various aspects that make it one of the best offshore gambling website for American users in 2021. So let’s get started.

  • Lots of Bonuses
  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Go-Mobile
  • Gimme Sports
  • Exceptional Casino
  • Large Rollover
  • Resolved Complaints
  • New to the Game
  • Bonus Withdrawal Time Limit

A Comprehensive Guide to MyBookie

Sports betting has been around practically as long as sports themselves. It seems that every generation of people has seen the appeal of gambling, and used the available resources to seek it out. There was a time when you would have to associate with several shady characters just to enjoy the thrill of sports betting.

This is no longer the case. With the connectivity that the internet provides us, gambling like most other things has now entered the digital age. This is evidenced by websites like MyBookie where anyone from a casual bettor to a professional can come and enjoy their favorite activity.

Of course, not everyone will be familiar with how sports betting works or the factors that need to be considered before choosing a website to take your hard-earned money to. This is where we come in. We diligently go through every minute detail of the sites that are available to construct a reliable guide for you.

To this end, we have drafted this MyBookie review that will tell you how to bet on mybookie and also include a MyBookie sportsbook review. Matters such as MyBookie promotions will also be investigated before we share our opinion on the quality of the site.

What is MyBookie?

Mybookie was established in 2014 by a group of gamblers who were disappointed by the level of service provided by other sites. As bettors themselves, they were all too familiar with the failure of the online betting industry to reliably service their users.

This history is important because it means that the creators of MyBookie will always aim to put customer experience and service quality above everything. Where so many other sportsbooks seem to fail MyBookie rises to the challenges of delivering high-quality and hassle-free services.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just a casual bettor looking to blood themselves in the world online sports betting, MyBookie has the right mix of services and offers for you. Our MyBookie review will focus on the various aspects that make it one of the best overseas gambling website for American users in 2021. So let’s get started.

MyBookie Sportsbook Review

In writing this review we used the platform ourselves, and compiled a list of items that distinguish MyBookie from its rivals. In doing so, we also came across a few things that could be improved. Take a look below.

What We Like

There are a few positives that we observed while writing our MyBookie sportsbook review and warrant a mention here:

  • Lots of Bonuses: Let’s face it; bonuses are a huge factor in determining which sportsbook you will eventually choose. This is because most sites will offer similar odds and range of sports to bet on. When that’s practically a level playing field the range of bonuses becomes really important. Fortunately this is where MyBookie delivers. The website offers a reasonable amount of bonuses that fit everyone’s needs.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service: Another key aspect that makes or breaks a sportsbook has nothing to do with the sportsbook directly – customer service. Yes, it’s not directly related, but still, having access to a great customer service team can be a godsend for you when dealing with issues. This is also a distinguishing factor when you consider that most sportsbooks don’t care enough to make significant investments into their customer service.
  • Go-Mobile: Everything’s mobile these days, why should your gambling be done on the computer. Another area where other sportsbooks lack severely is designing a good mobile platform. The emphasis is always on the site, but MyBookie recognizes that mobile is just as important.
  • Gimme Sports: A lot of sportsbooks don’t live up to the word “sports” in their names. This is not the case with mybookie. When using the site for our MyBookie sportsbook review we noticed that they offer an unrivaled range of sports to bet on. This means that there’s something for everyone. By offering such a variety of sports for betting, MyBookie ensures that you don’t have to go anywhere else for your needs.
  • Exceptional Casino: Lots of sportsbooks offer a casino to their users along with sports betting but few offer the amount of games that MyBookie does. Again, there is a clear emphasis on the amount of options that visitors receive. We can confidently say that MyBookie sports betting is sensational but the casino is what pushes it over the line for us as one of the leading sportsbooks out there.

What We Don’t Like

Okay so look, you may begin to feel like we’re being hyperbolic with the positives. So, in the interest of fairness here are some cons we observed when researching for our MyBookie sportsbook review.

  • Large Rollover: This is by no means a problem specific to MyBookie. Yet, when we saw that it was made by gamblers themselves, we expected rollovers for bonuses to be a lot lower. A rollover for bonuses simply means the minimum amount of money you have to bet to be eligible to receive the bonus if you win your bet. The reason this is a big deal is that many casual bettors won’t want to bet a very large sum, and try to stay as close to the minimum as possible. This means that a lot of people won’t even be eligible for the bonuses that they’re so proudly advertising.
  • Resolved Complaints: Bad reviews can make or break an online betting platform. Luckily for MyBookie there hasn’t been a lot of negative press. People are generally satisfied with the service, which bodes well for you since it’s already been tried and tested by others. However, we must point out that there were some complaints about the service in its early days. They have since been addressed so it’s not necessarily a big negative. Yet, this wouldn’t be a very honest MyBookie review if we failed to mention it.
  • New to the Game: In the online betting industry, longevity is a huge consideration. This is because you can never really trust the company you’re dealing with to be completely above board. A proven track record gives users the reassurance needed to trust the platform with their money. This isn’t something MyBookie can necessarily fix. The longevity can only be established by continuing operations, which they look on course to do.
  • Bonus Withdrawal Time Limit: Something that struck us about the MyBookie bonuses is that you can’t withdraw the welcome bonus for 30 days after availing it. That took us by surprise because it nothing about the platform suggested that they would do such a thing. It’s important to note that the money’s not going anywhere, but still it should be made available sooner.

Expert MyBookie Sportsbook Review

We’ve covered most of the best and worst features of the MyBookie sportsbook in the previous section. On the surface, MyBookie looks like an up and coming player in the online sports betting world. The platform promises unrivalled customer service, and wide range of bonuses. Combined with the range of sports, and excellent casino and mobile services we can safely say that MyBookie is on its way straight to the top.

The reasoning here is that the underlying philosophy of the platform is clearly customer-centric. We have a soft spot for platforms that treat us like a priority, so sue us! When the fundamentals are in place, you rarely need to worry about the platform itself. You pretty much know that your interests will be looked after by the people at MyBookie. Here are some more details about categories that the platform is setting industry standards in: 

Types of Wagers

Here is a comprehensive list of wagers that MyBookie offers its users. Right from the get to you can see that there is immense variety.

With such a large variety of betting types, you’ll never need to go to another sportsbook ever again. Mybookie attempts to ensure that all your needs are met with them.

Variety of Sports

Once again, the word variety and options spring off the screen. Just take a look at the range of sports available for MyBookie sports betting.

MyBookie Betting Limits

One thing that is clear from the word go is that MyBookie is not a platform for professional gamblers. This much is clarified in the footer of their website where they explicitly state that the platform is built for recreational gamblers.

As such the betting limits are quite low. The range of the betting limits is from $10-$1000 which is certainly strange given that most other sites offer a lower limit of $1. Upper limits are also higher, around the $3000 mark on other sites.

Here’s the best part though, you can technically bypass these betting limits by calling customer service and asking them to let you make a larger wager. The only requirement is that you have the required money already in your account. So, if you ever feel like a high-roller, just call them and bet big.

MyBookie Promotions and Bonuses

Let’s discuss one of the most important aspects of online betting. For novices and professionals, this is one of the key deciding factors when choosing a sportsbook. It’s very obvious that MyBookie recognizes the importance of promotions and bonuses to its audience. This is clear simply because the platform offers so many.

Our conclusion of the matter is that MyBookie bonuses are the best in the business, both in terms of quality and variety. This is an area where MyBookie puts its rivals to shame. What’s important to consider is that these bonuses are being offered by a platform that hasn’t been around that long and hasn’t go the same market share as some industry heavyweights.

Let’s take a look at some of these bonuses and promotions:

Main MyBookie Bonuses

  • New Player Offer: You can receive a bonus of up to 100% of your first deposit amount. Amounts up to $1000 are eligible. Rollover requirements state that this amount must be used in the sportsbook and not the casino. As mentioned previously, there is a 30 day withdrawal limit.
  • Cash-Back Bonus: This entitles you to receive 20% cash back on your initial deposit up to an amount of $500. The rollover for this is quite high at 10-50x.
  • Existing Customer Reload Bonus: Whenever you deposit more cash into your account you are eligible to receive a 25% bonus of up to $500. It is accompanied by a playthrough between 5%-15%.
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus: This is pretty self-explanatory. You receive a 100% bonus on your friend’s deposit upon referring them to the platform. The bonus can go up to $100.
  • Rebate: You can receive a 7% rebate for the racebook. The rebate cannot be cashed out until 30 days because it is meant to be used on the platform itself.
  • Casino Bonus: Receive a 100% bonus of up to $300 for deposits in the casino account.

Miscellaneous MyBookie Promotions

  • Risk-Free Bet: Make a bet of at least $25 to receive $20 if you lose.
  • Superman: Double your winnings by picking the correct winner in each NFL spread every week.
  • 10 is the Magic Number: Make 10 Deposits consecutively without withdrawing the amount to receive the 11th one for free.
  • No Fun Refund: Your NFL team being penalized for celebrating a touchdown can get you a refund on your bet.
  • Snap Your Skid: End your 10+ bet losing streak with a $25 bonus.
  • Steam Your Streak: Rewarding you with a $25 free bet for a 10-bet winning streak.

This list is by no means comprehensive with more being added every day. You can clearly see the amount of bonuses and promotions that are available for you to take advantage of and maximize your winnings.

Estimated Payout Time at MyBookie

The time it takes for your sportsbook to return the money that you’ve won or deposited at some point is crucial in determining which sportsbook you wish to use. This is largely a matter of principle. Most sportsbooks take their sweet time returning the money that you’ve won, and you may need the money quickly. Even if you don’t need the money, it’s not for them to keep so it should be available in your account promptly.

As part of our MyBookie sportsbook review, we found out that they claim to make their payouts within 48 hours. Of course, like most other sportsbooks this isn’t the full story. The payout time for bitcoin definitely meets this description. In fact, payout times for bitcoin are often lower than 48 hours.

Predictably though, other methods such as bank transfer can take up to 7 days to reach you. We must point out that this is still slightly better than the industry standard, but only slightly. We hope that this will be improved going forward.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at MyBookie

The range of deposit and withdrawal options that a sportsbook offers clarifies its commitment to its users. While there is very little reason to doubt the attention MyBookie pays to its customers, we have to say that the options in this regard are fairly limited. That is not to say that they’re terrible, just that you would expect more given all the other aspects they’ve done so well.

Let’s take a look at the options MyBookie provides for withdrawal from and depositing cash into the platform.

Deposit Options at MyBookie

Minimum: $45Minimum: $45Minimum: $45
Maximum Transaction: $2500Maximum Transaction: $2500Maximum Transaction: $2500
BitcoinBank WirePerson-to-Person
Minimum: $25Minimum: $2000Minimum: $100
Maximum: $10000Maximum: NoneMaximum: $630
Minimum: $100
Maximum: $5000

Withdrawal Options at MyBookie

ACHBitcoinBank Wire
Minimum: $500Minimum: $50Minimum: $500
Maximum: $10000Maximum: $10000Maximum: $50000
Payout Time: 3 to 5 Working DaysPayout Time: 24 HoursPayout Time: 5 to 10 Working Days
Minimum: $50
Maximum: $2500
Payout Time: 5 to 10 Working Days

Restricted Countries

There is a long list of countries that are restricted from using MyBookie. Here is a list of all these countries:

AfghanistanCubaCentral African RepublicChina
Burkina FasoAlgeriaBahrainLebanon
MauritaniaSaudi ArabiaSaint HelenaSpain
Isle of ManCayman IslandsCosta RicaDjibouti
NauruSerbiaTurkeyNorthern Ireland


The platform is available in 3 main languages: English, French, and Spanish.


Mybookie, like many other offshore betting companies, operates out of Costa Rica. That means that they are regulated by the relevant licensing and regulatory authority there.


With a U.S. facing business, all transactions to and from MyBookie are in US Dollars ($).

Final Word

This has been our expert MyBookie sportsbook review. Our view is that despite its relative freshness in the industry, MyBookie has started things off really well. There is excellent customer service, a wide range of bets to make, sports to bet on, and bonuses and promotions to take advantage of. With all that in mind we can only say that this is an excellent option for bettors everywhere.

There is the slight hitch about professional bettors but that shouldn’t really count against them. If the platform is for casual bettors, it should be graded on those criteria. When it comes to causal betting, few sportsbook offer what MyBookie does. So what’s the wait? Make the switch today.If you want to review other sportsbooks before you make the decision, take a look at our expert guides on other sportsbooks.

MyBookie Details

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4.5 rating