Sportsbooks With Reduced Juice or Vigorish & How to Take Advantage

Reduced Juice SB

Reduced juice is when a sportsbook charges bettors a lower commission on each bet. Juice is also sometimes referred to as vigorish or “vig.” Finding reduced juice sportsbooks online is the best way to get the most value for each bet. 

It’s less of a risk and can be more profitable for the bettor, which means more profits are collected on each winning wager. Therefore, bettors must know how to identify reduced juice sportsbooks to take advantage of the lower cost of placing their bets.

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It’s not difficult to identify which online sportsbooks offer reduced juice. For example, most sportsbooks offer standard betting odds of -110 on both sides of the line for major professional sports. This gives the bookmaker an edge over the bettor of 4.77%, which means that to make a profit, the bettor needs to win at least 53% of their bets in the long term. 

With reduced juice, the lines look much more appealing with odds of -105 on either side. The bettor only needs to bet $105 to make a profit of $100 instead of the standard $110. With this reduced juice, the house edge is just 2.46%. Bettors that consistently use reduced juice lines of -105 only need to win 51.5% of their long-term wagers to make a profit.

How To Find Reduced Juice Sportsbooks

There are many quality online sportsbooks that offer reduced juice, with others that provide partially reduced juice, such as odds of -108 on their betting lines. It’s as simple as doing an online search for these sportsbooks and researching them to ensure they are legal and have a good reputation. 

For those that want to be successful bettors in the long term, the best strategy is to find several reduced juice sportsbooks to place all wagers. This can considerably reduce losses when bettors can save $5 or $10 on every bet they lose. 

They can win less often and still be more successful than a player not using bookmakers with reduced juice. Any time a bettor can get odds under -110, it helps them lower the required win percentage to come out ahead.

The Cons of Reduced Juice Betting

There are a few downsides to betting at reduced juice sportsbooks. The first is that these sportsbooks typically don’t offer as many bonuses and free offers. 

Sportsbooks without reduced juice offer higher rewards, but the higher juice will give the bookmaker that free money back pretty fast. These sportsbooks also must make up the cost of reduced juice in other areas, such as using sharper lines and adjusting point spreads in their favor to cover the difference.


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Reduced Juice or Vigorish FAQs

Reduced juice is when a sportsbook charges bettors a lower commission on each bet, often referred to as “vig” or vigorish. It benefits bettors by allowing them to pay less in fees, making each winning wager more profitable.

Identifying sportsbooks with reduced juice is not difficult. Many of them offer odds of -105 instead of the standard -110. A quick online search can help you find such sportsbooks, but be sure to research their legality and reputation.

Betting with reduced juice sportsbooks reduces the house edge, making it easier for bettors to profit in the long term. With odds like -105 instead of -110, bettors need to win a lower percentage of their bets to make a profit.

Yes, there are a few downsides. Sportsbooks with reduced juice typically offer fewer bonuses and free offers compared to those with standard juice. They may also compensate for reduced juice by using sharper lines and adjusting point spreads, which can make it more challenging to find value in bets.

To maximize your chances of success, consider using multiple reduced juice sportsbooks for your bets. This can help reduce losses and improve overall profitability. Bettors can benefit from odds below -110, as it lowers the required win percentage to stay ahead in the long run.