How to Bet on UFC

How to Bet on UFC | Your Guide to UFC Betting

UFC – ultimate fighting championship is quickly becoming one of the popular sports in the world. It owes its popularity to an excellent product, being promoted by industry veterans. Each season brings new members to the cast of exceptional and often controversial athletes.

With its popularity on the rise, fans and gambling enthusiasts alike wonder how they can make some money off if the sport. Today we’re going to investigate how to bet on UFC, how to bet on UFC odds, and how to understand the odds.

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UFC Betting Explained

You cannot successfully bet on anything, let alone UFC, without a thorough understanding of how the process works. Simply put betting odds, commonly referred to as betting lines, indicate the likelihood of an event happening during a fight.

Most odds in UFC focus on the outcome of the fight, that is who wins the fight. Since you’re betting money, you need to know how much you stand to lose or gain based on the outcome of events during the fight.

Take the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 as an example. The odds offered by most prominent sites are in favor of Dustin Poirier at -130. Conor McGregor is likely to lose according to bookies, with odds at +105.

What this means is that to win $100 from Poirier winning; you’d have to bet $130. Conversely, if you bet $100 on McGregor, you will take home $105 in profit.

How to Bet on UFC Fights

As with most sports, betting on UFC fights is also a rather straightforward procedure. It is practically the same for any other sport, with the exception of the types of bets that will be available to you.

Select a Sportsbook

A sportsbook is simply a place where the odds of various sporting outcomes are listed. You can join one of the many sportsbooks available online these days. Of course, some are better than others and you should select one based on due diligence. We review prominent sportsbooks regularly so that you can make the best decision possible.

Consider Bonuses and Promotions

An important aspect to consider when asking how to bet on UFC fights, is the range of bonuses that any sportsbook offers. Taking advantage of promotions can help you increase your winnings considerably.

Deposit Money

The next step is to create an account with the sportsbook, and deposit cash into your account. Each sportsbook will offer different methods of depositing money, so all you have to do is pick one that you’re comfortable with.

Find the Odds

Now to the main part – in the sportsbook, navigate to the section for UFC betting. Once located, you’ll see the odds for all upcoming events. There are also live-betting sections on sportsbooks that offer it so you may want to check that out if you wish to bet on an ongoing fight.

Place Bet

Now that you’ve seen the lines, place your bet and wait for the result. That’s how to bet on UFC fights, simple isn’t it?

How to Bet on UFC Odds

Learning how to bet on UFC odds simply requires an understanding of the types of UFC bets available. Given that the sport hasn’t been around as long as others, such as soccer, there isn’t a lot of variety. There are 6 major types of bets that we will be looking into today.

Moneyline Bets

This is the bet that most people are interested in, and would already be familiar with. Moneyline bets simply mean predicting the outcome of the fight. When it comes to UFC, it means who do you think is likely to win.

Remember our example about the McGregor vs. Poirier fight? That was an explanation of a moneyline bet. Nothing much to it, is there?

Prop Bets

Short for proposition bets, these are predictions about the likelihood of various situations arising during the fight and their outcomes. For instance, you may place a prop bet on McGregor winning by knockout, or on the fight lasting the full five rounds. Prop bets require an understanding of the fight itself, the fighters, their styles, and other such nuances.

Over/Under Bets

These are also referred to as totals bets. In other sports there is plenty of variety in totals bets, but in UFC it is limited to the number of rounds. The sportsbook will designate a number, for instance 3.5 rounds and you can bet on whether the fight will last longer than three rounds or lesser. Another way of saying this is over three or under, hence the name.

Round Bets

These bets attempt to predict the round in which the fight is likely to end. While a simple concept on the surface, sportsbooks make it exciting by allowing you to compound your bet with other things such as round the fight will end in plus the method of victory. Similar to prop bets, they require a deep understanding of the sport.

Parlay Bets

These are pure compound bets. You set up a series of bets in various fights from the same event. The entire series must be predicted correctly for you to win. For instance you may bet on Conor McGregor to win his duel, and Adesanya to do the same. If only Adesanya wins, your wager is considered to have failed. Parlays are like a house of cards, one card can take down the entire structure.

Final Thoughts

You asked us how to bet on UFC, and we delivered. Betting is a complicated activity that requires a deep understanding of probability and sports. This is why we try to produce high quality guides that help you understand the intricacies of betting on various sports. If you liked our explanation of how to bet on UFC fights, check out our guides for various sports.


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How to Bet on UFC FAQs

Betting odds, also known as betting lines, represent the likelihood of an event happening during a UFC fight. They indicate how much you can potentially win or lose based on the fight’s outcome. Understanding odds is crucial for successful UFC betting.

To begin betting on UFC fights, you need to follow a few steps. First, choose a reputable sportsbook where UFC odds are available. Consider factors like bonuses and promotions. Then, create an account, deposit money, find the UFC odds, place your bet, and wait for the result.

There are several types of bets you can make on UFC fights, including:

  • Moneyline bets: Predicting the winner of the fight.
    Prop bets: Predicting specific fight outcomes or situations.
  • Over/Under bets: Betting on whether the fight will last longer or shorter than a designated number of rounds.
  • Round bets: Predicting the round in which the fight will end.
  • Parlay bets: Combining multiple bets on different fights within the same event for a higher payout.

To calculate potential winnings, you can use the odds provided by the sportsbook. For moneyline bets, if the odds are negative (e.g., -130), you’ll need to bet that amount to win $100. If the odds are positive (e.g., +105), a $100 bet would yield a profit of the listed amount. For other bet types, payouts may vary based on the specific odds.

Successful UFC betting requires research and understanding of the sport. It’s essential to analyze fighters’ skills, styles, and recent performance. Some strategies include studying fighter statistics, staying informed about injuries and training, and keeping an eye on betting trends. Additionally, responsible bankroll management is crucial to avoid excessive losses.