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All you need to know about Offshore Sports Betting

Sports betting dates to Ancient Greece and Rome thousands of years ago. History has marketed the development of betting dynamics to where it became officialized and categorized as legal in England in the 19th century. The business is said to have sprung from European football and have reached American soil in the form of parlay cards which were illicitly distributed in the U.S. 

Since then, sports betting has gradually grown into a massive global industry. It wasn’t until the 1980s when one of the first call centers was opened in the Dominican Republic. The intention was to centralize betting operations through an organized structure. Calls were taken from abroad to process wagers on all types of sporting events. This was essentially the beginning of the offshore sportsbook.

With the rise of the Internet in the mid-1990s, oversimplified sites with basic numerical information became the prime option for international users. This was the first brick laid to build the budding industry, and by the late 1990s, there were a small handful of companies. The businesses quickly spread over to countries such as Russia, Australia and some Caribbean Island territories. 

Since then, offshore betting has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide. It pulls bettors from across the entire world and is among the industries that will double and possibly triple in overall market value in the next five to ten years.

What is Offshore Betting?

Offshore betting is defined as the betting practice in which bettors opt to manage and place wagers through offshore gambling sites. These sites will allow players to open accounts with them and fund them via a predetermined selection of payment options. 

Once players have identified the offshore betting supplier of their choice, they only need to comply with all the terms provided by the company, such as payment information, minimal buy-in funds, and others to start engaging in any betting market offered by the site. 

From this perspective, all betting takes place outside of the user’s country of origin, permitting players from across the globe to place wagers at a designated location where the sportsbook legally operates. These locations may vary from the Caribbean to Costa Rica, to even some larger ones in Europe. 

Top 5 Offshore Betting Sites to Bet Online in 2022

Certain factors characterize sportsbooks such as BetUS and Bovada to stand above others. Some of the most crucial factors have to do with how efficiently these sites have built a consolidated offer that has placed everything a bettor needs at their reach, with minimal protocol and an ample array of sports and betting options from where to choose. 

BetUS, Bovada and BetNow have also managed to lay an ample array of alternatives for bettors to enjoy. They top the options with attractive platforms which are not only efficient but guarantee safe and secure transactions for all users across the site. 

Other sportsbooks, such as BetOnline and MyBookie, have also added to the list by offering the most in-demand sports coupled with attractive promos and codes to keep players focused on the game and truly making the most of their betting experience. 

Benefits of Offshore Sportsbooks

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, most offshore sportsbooks have perfected the way they offer users an experience beyond simple expectations of buying in a service option. From newly developed platforms with extended selections of sports, dynamics, players, and teams, sportsbooks have been able to diversify their betting selections to suit any taste for any discipline. 

Offshore sportsbooks have also focused on bringing this experience to the user via highly innovative sites and apps all built under the principles of efficiency and speed, rearranged to highlight user-friendly facets to guarantee optimal user experience. 

Offshore sportsbooks offer quick payouts that range within a minute to a couple of hours. They accept multiple payment options and release constant promos and discounts. The sportsbooks also implement the most developed cybersecurity measures. They’ve done it all to focus on those areas that are not so evident to users and have managed to perfect their overall delivery to their newly acquired clientele, as well as to all the clients. 

Best Offshore Sportsbooks Reviewed Briefly

As for the top sportsbooks out there, here are some of the highlights for each. BetUS is known for providing and assisting bettors with a sophisticated array of stats and data, all available at their online Locker Room section, truly differentiating their service from other competitors. 

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Bovada’s customer service is top-notch. This has successfully led to exponential growth in the platform’s clientele portfolio. Bovada is one of the longest-enduring offshore sportsbooks, and this is due to its solid reputation. 

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BetNow has truly stood out in providing one of the most innovative betting software in the market, all under a customer-guided user experience. It has created a platform that is intuitive and user-driven in an effort to reduce the learning curve.

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As to those looking for the additional gaming experience, BetOnline has brought some of the top options in the market to keep bettors and players on the positive end. It has an ample list of betting alternatives to suit any taste. However, it has occasional issues with its network that cause delays.

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MyBookie has also experienced prominent growth given its ability to have prioritized its overall sportsbook and gaming offerings. Like many offshore sportsbooks today, it added an online casino service that has met even elite players’ standards. 

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How We Select the Top Offshore Betting Sites

Top sportsbooks in the market are simply able to bring everything to the table for users to make the most of their experience. Gaming industry providers have focused on not only highlighting advanced cybersecurity protection yet have even included the implementation of blockchain technology to heighten payment and transaction safety. 

To make their service appeal to loyal and new users, offshore sportsbooks must also focus on the free bet and offers that they can lay out in the market and drive their user popularity up. Yet, there is no use for promotions and discounts if the array of sports betting options is limited, which is why this has also become a priority for the business. Almost any sport, including iGaming options, is likely to be found. 

Managing an ample selection of sports also means breaking it down into a wide variety of betting odds and overall betting options for users to explore, engage and enjoy. On the transactional end of the spectrum, 

Deposit minimums and withdrawals, especially when dealing with times, must also be kept reasonable and avoid going into the span of days. Some sportsbooks have narrowed their deposit limits, minimum and payment provider options, as well as significantly reduced their payout times to step up their industry presence. 

Finally, a well-rounded sportsbook offer must rely on top-end customer service. Being attentive to customers’ issues, providing different contact channels, and reducing response times are all factors that need to be considered to top the list as best offshore sportsbooks. 

Offshore Betting Bonuses

Bonus Code
150% Crypto Bonus to anyone who makes their deposit in cryptocurrency.
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

150% bonus to anyone who makes their deposit in cryptocurrency

The bonus from this offer can go up to $7500
It’s split into $5000 for sportsbook deposits, and $2500 for casino deposits.
You must make a deposit of at least $100
Get Up To $500 Deposit Bonus with just a minimum deposit of $50.
T&Cs Apply
Please see BetNow Sportsbook General Rules for full Terms and Conditions.

Offshore betting bonuses will tend to range from an ample selection of possibilities. Most offshore sportsbooks will have starting bonuses that will tend to range from 25% to 100% of the deposit amount. Promotions will also range from a 30% to 250% range, up from $1,000 to $2,000 starting on minimal deposits that can be lower than $25. 

Bonuses will also offer bettors the possibility to exponentially increment their wagers if bets are made in specific payment methods such as cryptocurrencies or direct wire transfers. Some games will also offer special bonuses to players who sign up and decide to play. These will tend to range from simple casino games to even iGaming options and or special sporting events such as big-league championships or classic showdowns. 

How to Get Started with an Offshore Sportsbook

When looking at how to get started with using offshore sportsbooks, certain factors cannot be overlooked. First, get a feel of the overall sense of security and safety the site provides. Look for different signs that guarantee you are dealing with a safe site and platform. 

Also, take into consideration all bonuses and promotions available. Offshore sportsbooks are known to attract new bettors to the site by offering different advantages such as low buy-ins and high offers to make the most of their wagers. 

Finally, make sure the overall sports spectrum and gaming alternatives suit your tasks and likes. Verifying the offshore sportsbook of your selection gives you the chance to place wagers on your favorite sports, leagues and specific sporting events. 

Offshore Markets: The Available Picks

To fulfill every preference and taste for specific sports and disciplines, offshore sportsbooks have managed to bring together an ample array of options to choose from. At the top of the list, players will find the NFL, the NBA and college sports that, given their game specificities, will tend to widen the spectrum as to how many types of best apply to each game.

On the other hand, sports organizations such as the NHL, the ATP Tour, the PGA and MLS will be favored abroad at a higher rate than in the U.S. For top sports, some of the main types of bets run along with point spreads and money lines and, if engaged with the American public, will tend to simplify the process of reading odds in the American format. These are all based on $100 wagers will just make the whole step of deciphering where to place one’s money an easier task. 

Offshore Betting and Payment Processor

Most sportsbooks will offer bettors an ample selection of payment processors and alternatives. Whether using debit or credit cards or making a wire transfer to specific accounts outlined by sportsbooks, options tend to be ample and will allow bettors to enjoy plenty of flexibility when dealing with payment alternatives. Among some of the most common payment types are Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. 

Tips for Choosing an Online Sportsbook

Offshore sportsbooks are not just another feasible alternative for users and sports lovers; they are also at the top of the list as sites that provide a high-quality betting service by not only delivering many benefits to consumers but also providing a safe and secure environment for wagers and bets. 

Most of these sites have concentrated only on offering the greatest possible experience to attract and keep customers. Offshore sportsbooks are a great alternative, and most of the time, it’s simply a matter of conducting enough research to figure out which sites are the best.

How to Find the Best Odds

When it comes to determining which sports, teams, and leagues, offshore sportsbooks offer, be sure to check to see whether your favorite disciplines are at the top of the list. This can also be put into practice when determining what the best odds in the market are. 

Like locating the top offshore sportsbooks, a little research can help you identify which are the best possibilities in terms of moneyline and point spread. Most sites will provide bettors with a variety of alternatives for wagering their money and getting the most out of their betting experience. Verify that these choices are available and take full advantage of the ability to completely customize your betting experience.

What Banking Options are Offered at Leading Sportsbooks?

Most top sports betting sites offer an ample range of banking options to process payments and transfers. These usually tend to fall under mainstream banking options so just make sure to verify that all payment methods are cleared and checked with the bank of your choice.

Among some other payment methods are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. Keep in mind that most offshore sportsbooks take both credit and debit cards alike, and they will keep the range open and flexible when it comes to dealing with payments. 

Using Cryptocurrencies On Offshore Betting Sites

From the perspective of the user, the general ease of the procedure is merely another appealing feature that is luring more people to open digital wallets and opt for cryptocurrencies

Transactions are made more efficient and displacing fiat in a rapidly expanding digital environment. Some of the most common cryptocurrencies accepted by offshore sportsbooks are Bitcoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Offshore Sportsbooks FAQs

Is betting on sports via offshore sportsbooks legal?

All betting options supplied by individual sportsbooks and available in certain states are lawful and should not differ in legality from other betting options presented on different sportsbook websites. Make sure you are complying with state regulations.

How can one find the top betting promotions?

It all comes to staying on the lookout for betting alternatives that sportsbooks offer. By researching and browsing through different sites, one should be able to identify and discover all promotions and codes applicable to all related sports.

What are the most popular sports leagues to bet on?

Amongst the top are NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. For the European market, soccer has always dominated.

What are some of the most important sporting events to keep an eye on?

Make sure you consider playoff games, championship duels like the World Series, the Super Bowl, and March Madness, as well as college football bowls.

What are some of the top current offshore sportsbooks?

Current top offshore sportsbooks include BetUS, Bovada, BetNow, BetOnline, and MyBookie.
Top Sportsbooks
4.5 rating
Betonline was already considered a platform with immense integrity, and as such, was trusted by bettors everywhere.
5.0 rating
BetUS is a Costa Rica based offshore sports betting company. Launched in 1994, it is one of the oldest sports betting sites in the world.
4.8 rating
Bovada is a trusted online gambling site offering sports betting, poker, casino games and betting on horse racing.
4.8 rating
MyBookie bonuses are some of the best in the business, both in terms of quality and variety. This is an area that put MyBookie up.
4.8 rating
In our review, Betnow.eu emerges as a standout online sportsbook and casino. It offers an engaging betting experience where users can log in, place bets, and potentially reap significant rewards, distinguishing itself from the usual online sports betting platforms.
Top Casinos
5.0 rating
Experience the thrill of casino gaming from the comfort of your home with Vegas Aces. With a variety of popular games, secure withdrawal methods, and commitment to responsible gambling, Vegas Aces is your premier destination for a secure and enjoyable online casino experience.
5.0 rating
The Wild Casino is indeed living up to its name. The operators of this online casino didn't make a naming mistake, from the wild payouts to wild game offerings to fast gameplay.
5.0 rating
Slots Paradise casino is a new casino, but the operators are fantastic. It will soon be a big name in the betting industry committed to offering quality games to its players.
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