How to Bet on Tennis

How to Bet on Tennis | Tennis Betting Guide

Tennis is one of the most grueling sports out there. Not just because of the length of time that is spent on the court during a match, but also due to the physical exertion that the player goes through. Audiences everywhere are enthralled by the physical and mental aptitude of tennis stars.

While the sport doesn’t enjoy the mainstream appeal that other sports like soccer or basketball control, it’s still popular enough that bettors and gamblers tune in. As such, tennis is a mainstay of almost every sportsbook out there.

If you love tennis, and seek the thrill, or the side income that gambling can provide then you must be wondering how to bet on tennis.  Don’t worry! Just read on, and you’ll have tennis betting explained to you in no time.

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How to Bet on Tennis Online

Before you can learn how to bet on tennis matches, you’ll need to carry out a few steps. We’ve listed them down below for your convenience.

Pick a Sportsbook

A sportsbook is where you’ll find the list of wagers for any given sport. You can’t bet on sports without a sportsbook. Sportsbooks have been a feature of gambling before the digital age, but it’s obvious that you’ll have to register for a virtual sportsbook when asking how to bet on tennis online.

If you feel under-qualified to decide a sportsbook, don’t worry! Our team of experts has compiled comprehensive guides on all major sportsbooks for your convenience. So just browse through and pick one you like.

Sign Up and Make the Deposit

When you’re finished picking the sportsbook, you’ll have to sign up using the platform’s form. You’ll then have to make a deposit into the website’s account to receive virtual currency to bet on tennis matches. This virtual currency is the equivalent of cold hard cash.

Find Matches and Wagers

Now that you have an account and money to play with, you should navigate to the sportsbook, find matches for the sport you wish to bet on, and find wagers offered by the site. With the wagers in front of you, you can decide on what bets to place.

That’s how to bet on tennis online. There’s nothing complicated about it.

Tennis Betting Explained

As with any other sport, the essence of tennis betting lies in probability. You’re essentially wagering that the outcome that you’re betting in favor of is more likely to happen than not. Of course, an important aspect of how to bet on tennis odds is to not just focus on the odds, but also the factors that affect those odds.

Professional gamblers don’t just look at who’s playing; they also take into consideration factors like court type, player form, advanced performance metrics, underlying data, and head to head history between the players. With all this data, experienced gamblers are able to swing the odds in their favor.

How to Bet on Tennis Odds

When asking to have tennis betting explained, you must always remember that the odds are only the surface. As mentioned in the previous section there are other factors as well. One such factor is the type of bet you’re placing.

Types of Tennis Bets

There are several types of bets you can place in tennis, and sportsbooks routinely add more to the growing portfolio. We’ve compiled a list of popular types of tennis bets. Note that the list is by no means exhaustive, and is simply there to give you an idea of the types of tennis bets.

Outright Winner

In this type of bet you pick the eventual winner of the entire tournament from the pool of participants. Naturally, there will be favorites and underdogs as in any other sport. This notoriety will influence the odds.

Djokovic, Nadal, the Williams sisters and Murray are household names. As such, you can expect that the odds will be in their favor. What this means practically is that most people will believe one of them is going to win any given tournament. Here’s how to bet on tennis odds in this type of bet.

Due to this recognition, the payout for betting on the “safe” option won’t be huge. Riskier options will have longer odds, but with far better payouts. A player like Federer might have odds of +200 to be the outright winner; this means you’d have to bet $100 to make a $100.

Match Winner

The most popular question for tennis gambling novices is how to bet on tennis matches. While there are many types of bets, this is by far the most popular and easy to understand. As the name suggests, instead of betting on the winner of a tournament, you bet on the victor of a match.

There’s not much to explain here, because the concept is so simple. Pick a player you think is likely to win and then wait for the conclusion of the match. As always, the favored player will have better odds and a lower payout as a result.


These are fairly common bets that involve predicting whether any figure is likely to be higher or lower than the benchmark set by the sportsbook. This figure can represent virtually anything, but practically refers to major stats in a match.

For instance, it could be number of sets under or over 2.5 or number of foul serves under/over 2.5. As you can see anything can constitute an over/under bet and completely depends on your sportsbook.

Final Word

There are many other types of bets, but these constitute the major ones. We hope that you have learnt how to bet on tennis through our guide. If you wish to learn more about sports betting, take a look at our sports betting guides.


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How to Bet on Tennis FAQs

To start betting on tennis online, you need to pick a sportsbook, sign up for an account, and make a deposit. Once you have funds in your account, you can browse the available tennis matches and wagers to place your bets.

When selecting a sportsbook for tennis betting, it’s essential to consider factors like reputation, available tennis markets, odds quality, user interface, and customer support. You can refer to expert guides to help you make an informed choice.

Successful tennis betting involves considering factors like the type of court, player form, advanced performance metrics, historical data, and head-to-head records between players. These factors can help you make more informed betting decisions.

There are various types of tennis bets, including outright winner bets (predicting the tournament winner), match winner bets (predicting the winner of a single match), and over/under bets (predicting whether certain statistics will be higher or lower than a benchmark set by the sportsbook).

While odds play a crucial role in tennis betting, experienced gamblers also focus on analyzing player and match-specific factors to gain an edge. Understanding player strengths and weaknesses, court preferences, and recent performance trends can help you make more profitable bets.