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We live in a society that faces a dire commercialization issue. The way modern society is organized, everything from healthcare to social programs are allocated resources based on their ROI. Of course, this isn’t the subject of our discussion today, but it does help set the context in which we are currently operating.

Within this social context, entertainment has thrived. We are living through a renaissance of the entertainment industry, where content is available at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere. This development has been largely driven by the availability of a wide range of devices such as smartphones, laptops, and televisions.

These devices on their own would not have been enough to achieve our current level of success. The internet ties them all together to create an ecosystem built to deliver maximum entertainment to us at our doorstep.

Our focus today will be to first investigate how this situation has affected sports and sports betting. We will then transition to a conversation about the NCAAF, and betting on NCAAF games. This will be followed by instructions on how to bet on NCAAF games, read NCAAF odds, and the various NCAAF bet types.

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The Situation Today

Sport has always been a mainstream activity. That is to say that most people engage with sports at some level throughout their lives. They do this by either watching them or participating in them. The sporting industry as we know it today wasn’t always a global juggernaut.

The reason for its success has already been discussed briefly in the preceding paragraphs. Like most activities prior to globalization assisted by the internet and technology, sport too was a regional affair. Think of the origin of the Olympic Games, and you’ll see why this was the case.

The sport was limited to the area in which it was played. The Olympic Games changed this slightly in the sense that its popularity bled into surrounding areas. They were an exception for much of history, though. In industrial society, the sport was limited largely to the place where it was being played.

Of course, travelers, usually in the form of merchants and military forces, would take their local sports all over the world. This is illustrated by the popularity of baseball in Japan and cricket in India. Yet, there were no international fixtures, and people generally played for their own entertainment and people around the area could watch for some fun of their own.

During the late industrial era, many sports teams and leagues began to crop up all over the world. In England, many football clubs were formed by factory workers, or dockworkers and the like. The monarchies in Spain and France also established aristocratic clubs. Either way, most sports, including football, were on their way to becoming professional.

With a set league schedule and professional athletes to play in the matches, it became easier to follow most of the major sports. The domestic popularity of sports began to increase due to this. People could now follow their favorite sports teams around the country to watch them play.

This situation lasted for a long time, close to several decades, until the invention of the television. See, there were always geographical limits to watching sports. You could only watch them if you were free at the time your team was playing, and you would have to make a trip down to wherever the match was taking place. Weather conditions and the availability of transport also played a big part obviously.

As television sets began to populate households worldwide and broadcasting companies began to become stronger, sports became easier to watch. In the late 90s and early noughties, the sports industry was already a multi-billion dollar affair.

People could now watch sports from the comfort of the home. Sports were still a “sporting activity” at this point, though. They became entertainment for consumption in a few years, thanks to the availability of the internet and smartphones.

If following your favorite team meant simply reaching into your pocket and checking your phone, you would understand why there was a boom in the popularity of sports. Before this situation, many people interested in sports would not follow it with much vigor due to the challenges spoken of earlier.

Now that these challenges were out of the way the sports industry could properly capitalize on the host of commercial opportunities available.

Enter Sports Betting

With the growth in the sports industry, it was always expected that supplementary industries would also thrive. Sports betting such as NCAAF betting has always been a popular activity. For many people, watching the sport is not exciting enough, and they need something extra on the side to augment the fun.

Well, sports betting promises plenty of that. However, this was not enough for a lot of people who only took a casual interest in the activity. Much like sports, there were two types of people who interacted with sports betting. These were the hardcore participants and the casual bettors.

To engage with casual bettors, the barriers to their participation would have to be removed. Just as the internet and smartphones changed the sports industry, they also profoundly affected the sports betting world.

There was a time when most people looked down on sports betting and betting in general due to the informal way it was organized and the shady characters who conducted it. Thanks to the internet, everything became a lot more anonymous. The need to personally interact with unpleasant characters was removed.

Furthermore, everything could now be conducted at lightning-fast speeds. The environment was ideal for the casual fan to become the casual bettor. Due to this, sports betting began to grow into an industry in its own right. No longer seen as an extension of the sports industry, this billion-dollar industry is where we stand today.

How to Bet on NCAAF

With the increase in the popularity of sports and sports betting, many people today wish to join in on the fun. This is an expected request, and many online platforms have popped up all over the internet to meet this demand.

Our vision was something similar. We understand that not everyone in the world will be intimately familiar with the betting world. This, in our view, shouldn’t be a barrier to entry as it is now. To this end, we offer advice and explanations in our guides that help novice sports bettors become familiar with everything related to online sports betting.

Today our focus will be on betting on NCAAF. The U.S. is unique in its commercial spin on college-level sports competitions. It is a situation that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. What do we mean by this? What we mean to say is that varsity sports are heavily funded all over the world. Many athletes at the Olympics are products of elite sports programs at colleges and universities all across the world.

In the U.S., the funding aspect of things is also replicated. What’s unique about the situation in the U.S. is that these programs have created a semi-professional league of their own that feeds the premier competition for that sport. The NCAAF is a great example of this, but it is also done via the NCAAB.

Not only is participation in the NCAAF a gateway to the NFL, but it also receives coverage and commercial deals that replicate the level of capital available in professional sports. Nowhere else in the world would you hear of the entire country being engrossed by college-level sports.

As with sports in general, college football betting is also a sub-industry that exists to cater to the demands of sports bettors. This is also a situation that is unheard of and yet perfectly normal in the U.S. With the interest in NCAAF at a fever pitch; we thought we’d provide a guide on how to bet on NCAAF games.

So, if you’re interested in college football betting, then look no further. We’ll provide detailed information on each step and prepare you to participate in NCAAF betting before you know it. Read on to learn more!

Step 1: Researching Sportsbooks

The whole reason you’re here rather than immediately starting your NCAAF betting journey is that you recognize the importance of doing your due diligence. It is always a good idea, especially where money is involved, to look into an activity and see how it works before jumping into it.

The first step to any betting endeavour is to find a sportsbook. A sportsbook traces its origins back to the days of physically betting on sports matches. At the venue, there would normally be a bookie with a journal. The bookie would have a journal in which all the matches for the evening or upcoming matches would be written down.

You would inquire about the match, and the bookie would tell you the wagers they’re offering in association with it. This journal was referred to as the sportsbook. Since everything has moved online today, sportsbooks are no longer physical ledgers.

They are instead readily available online at the sports betting platform of your choice. Which sports betting platform you end up choosing depends largely on the quality of the sportsbook it offers. Factors such as bonuses, deposit options, betting markets, wager variety, and customer service determine the quality of the sportsbook.

You are also expected to verify the legitimacy of the betting platform itself. Of course, this is a challenging proposition for those new to the sports betting world. Not only are you still navigating the various terms used in the betting industry, you simply don’t know enough to be able to gauge whether a platform and its associated sportsbook is any good.

We’ve got you covered though, so don’t worry. It’s not unexpected that you would be confused so we’ve compiled reviews of the most popular offshore betting sites which you can use to bet on NCAAF games. Our team of experts knows exactly what criteria a sportsbook needs to excel in to be considered a top sportsbook. 

As such, it compiles reviews of the various sportsbooks and rates them according to their performance against certain metrics. You can simply go through our reviews and make your decision based on the ratings provided by our experts. Once you’ve chosen the right sportsbook for your needs, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Add Capital to your Account

Your betting activities need to be financed somehow, right? In this case, you will have to transfer money into your virtual account with the platform. This can be done using any of the various options that a betting platform offers.

Most of the best platforms offer you lots of variety in this respect. We’ve already spoken about how you need betting platforms to be judged on deposit options. The need to do so is clear now. The act of depositing money into your account should be as convenient as possible for you.

If the betting platform doesn’t offer any variety in their deposit options, you will obviously have to inconvenience yourself. Most NCAAF betting sites will offer conventionally popular methods like credit cards and bank transfers. However, these generally carry transaction charges. In the case of bank transfers, the transaction speed often makes them less appealing as a deposit option.

Our vote is always for cryptocurrencies because they carry no extra charges, and offer lightning-fast transaction speeds as well. They are also highly secure, and since betting platforms prefer them as a mode of payment, they carry additional bonuses which you can use to bet on NCAAF games.

When depositing money into your account, you should look up any bonuses that the sportsbook offers as well. These are normally available via bonus codes so you can use the codes and avail some extra money for your betting activities.

Step 3: Place a Bet

This should be the final step in the process, but once you reach it you’ll discover something. Go ahead! Navigate to the NCAAF betting section of your sportsbook and you’ll see what we mean. Once you get to the section you’ll see all the bets that the sportsbook offers. Do you see the issue yet? You probably don’t know what any of the terms and numbers on the page mean.

You can’t really expect to have a successful betting journey without a thorough understanding of the terms and numbers pertinent to sports betting. No need to worry! We’re going to explain everything you need to know to start betting on NCAAF.

Step 4: Understanding the Types of NCAAF Bets

Let’s now turn our attention to the various types of NCAAF bets that most sportsbooks will offer. It is important to note at this juncture that NCAAF betting sites will offer bets that are universally offered and bets that are unique to the platform. We will discuss the most popular.

Moneyline Bets

Definitely one of the easiest bet type to understand in any sport. Moneyline bets are evergreen due to their sheer simplicity. Most people think of moneyline bets when they think of sports betting in general, that’s how popular they are.

A moneyline bet is simply a bet on the eventual winner of a matchup. Moneyline bets usually deal in binary outcomes, which means only two options to choose from. In a match between Duke and North Carolina, a moneyline bet would ask you to predict which of the two would win the match.

While these bets aren’t based on luck, they also don’t rely on a masterful understanding of sports betting either. In fact, most casual bettors start their betting journey with moneyline bets. Lots of people who only have a passing interest in sports betting never move away from moneyline bets.

Of course, these bets don’t return a lot of capital. Don’t get us wrong, they’re worth it most of the time, but they will rarely return the kinds of money you get to brag about.

Point Spreads

You may have heard the phrase “cover the spread” about sports betting at some point, often with confusion. The phrase owes its origin to spread bets and you’re about to finally learn what it means.

According to the sportsbook, a spread can be thought of as the difference in quality between the two opponents. It is natural that there will be matches where one team or player is expected to dominate their opponent in any sport.

Due to this, a lot of matches can become foregone conclusions. This won’t generate a lot of interest for the match itself. While sports betting sites can’t really address the inherent inequity in sports, they can increase your enthusiasm for following the match.

They do so by allowing you to make what’s called a spread bet. A spread, seen as the difference in quality between the two sides, simply means that the even if the team expected to lose loses, what will be the margin of the loss? Will it be a total collapse, or will they hold on valiantly?

The sportsbook may offer a figure such as +3, which essentially means that the losing team will lose by at least 4 points. If the team can lose by less, they are said to have “covered the spread”. Spread bets are some of the most widely used options in NCAAF betting.

Parlay Bets

Parlays Bets are a popular method of maximizing your winnings when betting on NCAAF games. Parlays simply mean that you are combining more than one bet into a bigger bet. In this instance, you may combine a moneyline bet with a point spread bet when betting on Duke in Duke vs. North Carolina.

You may say that Duke will win and cover the spread. In this case, and something that is generally true for parlay bets, both bets must be successful for you to have a successful parlay. If Duke covers the spread but loses the match, then you fail. If Duke wins the match, but by too fine a margin, then you still lose.

There are several other bet types but these are the most popular ones offered by almost every sportsbook out there. Let’s take a look at NCAAF odds and how to read them.

Step 5: Learn How to Read NCAAF Odds

Now that you’re familiar with the NCAAF betting types, you need to know what the numbers around each bet mean. In sports betting, a negative sign next to any player or team means that they are the favorite for the matchup. In contrast, if the team has a positive sign next to it, they are considered the weaker side that is expected to lose.

Of course, in matches between sides that are close in quality, these signs means less but generally they should give you a good idea of where things stand. Betting on the side with the positive sign will always return more money because betting on the expected loser is a bigger risk than betting on the expected winner. 

In our example of Duke vs. North Carolina, your moneyline and spread bet could look like this:

Duke (-200, -3) vs. North Carolina (+180, +3)

This means that if you bet $100 on Duke to win, you will receive $50. If you bet the same amount on N. Carolina, you will receive $180. The comment about potential returns from betting on the underdog should be clearer now. The +3 and -3 is the spread. That means that if you want to make a spread bet on Duke, they must win by at least 4 points to cover the spread.

You can parlay the two bets if you wish for higher returns.

Final Word

This has been our guide on NCAAF betting. We hope that all your confusion about this type of betting is gone now. If you wish to learn more about other matters related to online betting, feel free to consult our guides on these issues. Happy betting!

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