As the world of UFC continues to heat up, one fight stands out on the upcoming Fight Night card: Andre Fialho vs Joaquin Buckley. This match promises to be a thrilling showdown between two fighters eager to prove their mettle in the Octagon. Let’s delve into the fighters, the potential strategies, Fialho vs Buckley Picks and predictions that could help you make an informed bet on UFC at BetOnline.

Andre Fialho: The Precision Striker

Stepping into the Octagon, Andre Fialho brings with him an impressive skill set. His tactical approach, combined with precise striking, gives him a notable advantage. Fialho’s fight strategy often revolves around patience and accuracy, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver a fight-changing blow.

Joaquin Buckley: The Powerhouse

Opposing Fialho, Joaquin Buckley brings raw power and agility to the fight. Buckley’s aggressive style and heavy-hitting fists make him a serious threat in the Octagon. His fight plan typically includes an early onslaught to try to overpower and overwhelm his opponents.

Key Elements to Watch

There are a few crucial factors that could influence the outcome of the match and are worth considering how to bet on UFC.

Fighting Styles

Fialho’s precision and patience will be tested against Buckley’s sheer power and aggression. The fighter who can impose his style and pace on the match will have a distinct advantage.


The fighter’s endurance will play a pivotal role, especially if the fight goes the distance. Fialho’s strategic approach may conserve energy, but Buckley’s explosive power could end the fight early if he connects with a significant strike.

Octagon Control

Control of the Octagon is another crucial factor. The fighter who dictates the fight’s pace and controls the space in the Octagon can significantly influence the judges’ scorecards, especially in a closely contested match.

Our UFC Fight Night Predictions

Given the fighters’ contrasting styles, this fight is poised to be a thrilling spectacle. Andre Fialho, with his tactical precision, is likely to start cautiously, picking his moments to strike. Joaquin Buckley, on the other hand, will probably look to take the fight to Fialho, leveraging his power to try to secure an early victory.

While predicting the exact outcome in UFC fights is notoriously tricky, considering the fighters’ strengths and strategies, our pick leans slightly towards Andre Fialho. His precision striking and tactical approach might just edge out Buckley’s raw power, particularly if he can avoid early damage and push the fight into the later rounds.

Betting Opportunities

UFC fights like this offer more betting opportunities than just picking the outright winner based on simple Fialho vs Buckley Picks. These additional options provide more ways to engage with the action and potentially secure a payout.

Round Betting

One exciting option is round betting, where you predict in which round the fight will end. Given Buckley’s aggressive style, if you think he’s going to come out swinging and end the fight early, betting on an early round could be profitable. Conversely, if you believe Fialho’s tactical approach will extend the match, betting on a later round could yield returns.

Method of Victory

Another betting opportunity lies in predicting the method of victory. Will the fight end in a knockout, a submission, or will it go to the judges’ scorecards for a decision? Given the striking prowess of both fighters, a bet on a knockout could be a smart move.

Over/Under Rounds

Over/under round betting is another avenue to consider. Sportsbooks will provide a total number of rounds, and you can bet on whether the fight will last over or under this number. If you believe Fialho can withstand Buckley’s early onslaught and drag the fight into the later rounds, betting on the ‘over’ could be a strategic move.

Prop Bets

Finally, prop bets offer another dimension to betting on UFC fights. These can involve a wide range of events, such as whether the fight will go the distance, or which fighter will land the first significant strike.

Top Sportsbooks Odds

BetOnline: Round Betting Joaquin Buckley in Round 1 +300

SportsBetting: Method of Victory Joaquin Buckley by KO/TKO or DQ +100

Bovada: Over/Under Rounds: 0.5 over -700

BetUS: Fight Outcome A Fialho By KO, TKO, DQ or Submission +280

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