How To Bet on Formula 1

Formula 1 Betting Guide

Betting on Formula 1 races can be an exhilarating experience for motorsport enthusiasts and sports bettors alike. Formula 1, often abbreviated as F1, is one of the most prestigious and thrilling motorsport championships globally, featuring the world’s best drivers and cutting-edge technology. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of Formula 1 race betting, its history, the key drivers who’ve won championships, the betting types, and strategies for making informed wagers.

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Formula 1 Races History

Formula 1, established in 1950, is the pinnacle of open-wheel racing. It involves a series of Grand Prix races held across the globe. The championship comprises various teams, each with two drivers, competing in a season that typically consists of 20 or more races. The driver and constructor who accumulate the most points throughout the season are crowned champions. Notable drivers who have won multiple championships include Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Lewis Hamilton, and Ayrton Senna.

Formula 1 Races Betting System:

Formula 1 betting is all about making predictions regarding the outcomes of Formula 1 races and various aspects of the championship. To do this effectively, you should understand the different types of bets you can place:



◻ Race Winner: When you bet on the “Race Winner,” you’re essentially predicting which driver will come in first place in a specific race. This is a straightforward and common type of bet.


◻ Driver’s Championship: Betting on the “Driver’s Championship” involves choosing the driver who will accumulate the most points throughout the entire Formula 1 season. This is a season-long bet where you predict the overall champion.


◻ Constructor’s Championship: In contrast to the Driver’s Championship, the “Constructor’s Championship” bet focuses on the team. You’re wagering on the team that will collect the most points in the season. This means considering the combined performance of both of their drivers.


◻ Podium Finish: “Podium Finish” bets are about predicting whether a specific driver will finish in the top three positions in a particular race. It doesn’t matter if they win; they just need to make it to the podium.


◻ Fastest Lap: Betting on the “Fastest Lap” involves predicting which driver will record the fastest lap time during a race. This is a bet that adds excitement to the race since it’s not necessarily linked to the race’s overall winner.

How To Pick a Formula 1 Winner

To make informed selections in Formula 1 betting, it’s essential to consider a range of factors and strategies. Here are some key steps to help you pick a Formula 1 race winner:

Formula 1 Betting Odds and Lines:

Formula 1 betting odds are typically represented in decimal or fractional formats. For instance, odds of 3.00 (decimal) or 2/1 (fractional) mean a $100 bet can potentially yield $300 in total (including your stake). The odds are determined by bookmakers based on driver and team performance, track conditions, and various other factors.

Most Important Formula 1 races

Grand PrixCircuitDateRace Odds (Example)
Australian Grand PrixMelbourne Grand Prix CircuitMarchLewis Hamilton – 3.00
Monaco Grand PrixCircuit de MonacoMayMax Verstappen – 2.50
British Grand PrixSilverstone CircuitJulyCharles Leclerc – 4.00
Italian Grand PrixMonzaSeptember   Valtteri Bottas – 5.00
United States Grand PrixCircuit of the AmericasOctoberSebastian Vettel – 6.00
Abu Dhabi Grand PrixYas Marina CircuitDecemberDaniel Ricciardo – 7.00

Please note that the F1 schedule and race odds are subject to change each season. It’s essential to check with a reliable sportsbook for the most up-to-date information when planning your Formula 1 betting.

Prop Bets in Formula 1

🏁 Fastest Lap Time:

You can bet on which driver will set the fastest lap time during the race.

🏁 Safety Car Appearance:

Wager on whether a safety car will make an appearance during the race due to incidents on the track.

🏁 First Retirement:

Bet on which driver will be the first to retire from the race, whether due to mechanical issues, a crash, or other reasons.

🏁 Number of Finishers:

Predict the total number of drivers who will complete the race, excluding those who retire during the event.

🏁 Head-to-Head Driver Matchups:

Some sportsbooks offer prop bets comparing two specific drivers and betting on which one will finish higher in the race.

🏁 Team Points:

Place bets on the total number of points a specific team will earn in a race, rather than focusing on individual driver performance.

🏁 Podium Finishers Exact Order:

Predict the exact order of the top three drivers who will finish on the podium.

Pros and Cons of Formula 1 Betting

🔷 Pros:

🔹 Excitement and Engagement:

Betting on Formula 1 races adds to watching the sport. It enhances the viewing experience and provides a personal stake in the outcome.

🔹 Strategic Betting:

Formula 1 betting allows for strategic wagers based on in-depth analysis of driver and team performance, track conditions, and other factors. Successful betting often involves a combination of skill and knowledge.

🔹 Variety of Betting Options:

Formula 1 offers a wide range of betting options, from predicting race winners to individual race events like fastest laps and safety car appearances. This variety allows bettors to explore different markets and strategies.

🔶 Cons: ​

🔸 Risk of Losing Money:

Betting always carries the risk of losing money. It’s important to bet responsibly and within your means. Not all bets will result in a win, and losses are part of the betting experience.

🔸 Limited Betting Opportunities:

Formula 1 has a relatively small number of races in a season compared to other sports. This limits the number of betting opportunities available throughout the year, which may not suit bettors looking for frequent action.

🔸 Complex Betting System:

Formula 1 betting can be complex for beginners. Understanding the nuances of the sport, including track-specific factors and the roles of F1 drivers and teams, can be challenging. This complexity may deter some potential bettors.


Betting on Formula 1 races offers an exciting opportunity for motorsport enthusiasts and sports bettors to engage with one of the world’s most prestigious and thrilling championships. Understanding the sport’s history, the Formula 1 betting system and the strategies for making informed wagers is crucial. Whether you’re interested in predicting race winners, considering prop bets, or exploring various betting markets, Formula 1 betting offers a dynamic and engaging experience.

FAQs about Formula 1 Betting

F1 betting odds represent the potential payout for a winning bet, usually expressed in decimal or fractional formats.

You can bet on individual races, the driver’s championship, and the constructor’s championship.

Some bookmakers offer in-race betting options like fastest lap and safety car appearances.

Factors include driver form, team performance, weather conditions, and track characteristics.