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In our review, emerges as a standout online sportsbook and casino. It offers an engaging betting experience where users can log in, place bets, and potentially reap significant rewards, distinguishing itself from the usual online sports betting platforms.
Bet Now
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Please see BetNow's General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions. is an online sportsbook and Casino. Much like any other online sports betting platform, you can log on, purchase currency, bet and earn money, and transfer your winnings into your bank or crypto account.

  • Decent Bonuses
  • Short Bonus Rollover Time
  • Bonus Rollover Payout
  • Spectacular Software
  • Speedy Payments on Both Ends
  • Fresh Faces
  • Small Operation
  • Focused on the U.S.

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If you’re a betting enthusiast, you must always be on the lookout for better places to take your business. Returns, service, variety, and payment speed are all key considerations when making your decision. It is important to know if your platform is doing everything it can to enhance your experience. After all, if someone is offering a better product, why would you continue with a subpar platform?

This is why reviews such as this one are important. Whether you already frequent online betting platforms or wish to start now, you deserve to have the best information possible. Access to this knowledge can help you determine which platform offers the range of benefits you’re looking for.

Similar to our other reviews, we’ll discuss BetNow promotions, BetNow bonuses, and how to bet on BetNow along with any other piece of information that will help you in making a decision. So, let’s get moving on this review.

What is Betnow? is an online sportsbook and casino. Much like any other online sports betting platform, you can log on, purchase currency, bet and earn money, and transfer your winnings into your bank or crypto account.

The platform operates out of Curacao, a popular headquarters for several other online casinos and online betting platforms. It is readily available to Americans which means that you won’t face any issues if you try to use it.

Bonus up to:
Welcome Bonus
* New users can get up to 150% bonus on their first deposit.
4.8 rating
T&Cs Apply
Please see BetNow's General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.

The company began operations in 2015, and despite being relatively new to the market has received mostly positive feedback. As a result, we decided to dive deeper and see for ourselves what the platform is like.

Online Betting Sports tries to present information in the most objective manner possible so that you can make the best decision for your situation. We have tried to do the same for our BetNow Sportsbook Review.

Pros and Cons of BetNow

We’ll now take you through a quick overview of the benefits and drawbacks of BetNow.

What We Like about BetNow

  • Decent Bonuses: While not as high as some more established platforms on the market, BetNow offers decent bonuses to its users.
  • Short Bonus Rollover Time: A low rollover means that you don’t have to bet a large sum to participate in the fun and qualify to receive a bonus.
  • Bonus Rollover Payout: Payout for the bonus rollover is in cash. Industry veterans will know just how rare this is for an offshore betting company. Most platforms give you store credit in the form of free plays which isn’t necessarily bad, but as we all know –cash is king.
  • Spectacular Software: When it comes to any online subscription, the platform’s quality determines the service’s quality. In the case of BetNow, the software is exceptional. As you can see, the interface is smooth, and the user experience has clearly been prioritized. There are also some amazing features that make the user’s visit to the site, that much more rewarding.
  • Speedy Payments on Both Ends: Withdrawals and Deposits are both rather fast and free. What’s more is that if you qualify for the VIP program, you become eligible to receive a bonus of 15% every time you make a deposit. This is just one of the many amazing BetNow bonuses available to users.

What We Dislike about BetNow

It wouldn’t be a very honest BetNow Sportsbook Review if we didn’t mention the things that we didn’t like about the platform.

  • Fresh Faces: This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fresh players bring new ideas and innovation to the industry. However, given the nature of the market, it is always best to be cautiously optimistic. Emphasis on the cautious. The trouble is simply that you can never know whether the people you’re dealing with are honest and fair. Given the large distance between you and the business and the fact that all your interaction with them is online, newer players need to wait a while before they have the implicit trust of their users.
  • Small Operation: The platform has almost every major American sport listed for betting, and yet the selection pales in comparison to competitors. They may be over-performing given their size, but if your expectation is a huge variety of sports to bet on, they won’t be able to satisfy you. That being said, it should be noted that all the indicators suggest that the platform will grow steadily over the coming years. If it does, the selection should improve on its own.
  • Focused on the U.S.: Given that most of their users are from the U.S., this won’t be a major concern. Yet, it should be pointed out that if you’re outside the United States, there isn’t much for you to do on the platform.

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Expert Review of the Betnow Sportsbook

In our view, BetNow is a well-built, well-equipped platform with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. It may not have the kind of variety that other platforms have but still has a decently sized offering. This selection is large enough to meet your mainstream needs. As such, we think BetNow is a strong entrant in the online betting market, and you should definitely try it out.

Here are some details about the BetNow Sportsbook that will probably interest you:

Ad-Free Experience

Something of a rarity these days, especially when it comes to Sportsbooks is an ad-free experience. As we’ve already mentioned, there is clearly a strong emphasis on customer experience by the people at BetNow, and we couldn’t just write a BetNow Sportsbook review without mentioning this.

The Ad-free experience augments the overall usability of the website. Most online betting platforms are riddled with adverts for their online casinos. The fact that people of BetNow have not done so is a testament to their commitment to everyday users like us.

Clutter-Free Design

The website itself is also designed very well with all the relevant pages easy to locate. Very little seems out of place or like it doesn’t belong. Along with a tidy design, we also noticed that it has been highly optimized for everyone so that all pages load quickly with minimal fuss. No lags or delays to speak of. 

An example of a clutter-free design is the method by which you can access the in-play betting section. Just hover over the Sportsbook menu and the in-play betting section will appear. While this is great, the absence of similar features from the rest of the website is definitely something to be noted.

Sports Betting Options

While not as varied as other platforms, it’s worth mentioning that BetNow has a fairly extensive list of sports for you to bet on. Almost all major American sports are present on the platform for you to capitalize on.

Here is a brief list of sports that you can bet on at BetNow. Please note that the platform only displays live sports on its website. That means if a sport is missing from the site, it will become available once again when the regular season starts. So, check back again once it does.

Football Baseball
Basketball Boxing
Tennis Golf
Auto Racing Soccer
Esports Ice Hockey

You can see that despite not having a huge collection, it is enough to satisfy the casual bettor. With the promise of growth comes the hope of even more options in the future. Yet, we cannot simply bank on promises during our BetNow Review. As things stand, the limited BetNow Sports Betting Options is a mark against the whole platform.

Sportsbook Summary

In summary, we love that the platform makes an active effort to make the user experience smooth and fun. Great customer service, adequate options, and decent bonuses are not enough to make it an online betting heavyweight. Add to that the limited withdrawal options, and high associated fees. The platform ultimately leaves a few things to be desired. Our hope is that things will improve in the future.

Promotions and Bonuses at Betnow

A platform is only as good as its bonuses. Of course, almost all platforms give you the option to win more money by betting on the outcomes of games. There’s just something about being rewarded with extra money, no matter how small, that improves the experience exponentially.

This is another area where BetNow isn’t ahead of the curve. In fact, some might even say it’s lagging behind by a lot. Perhaps it arises from its small size, but the lack of significant bonuses is certainly a disappointing thing.

Here are a few BetNow bonuses and BetNow promotions that might interest you:

Deposit Bonuses

Of the few available options, often cited BetNow Bonuses include the deposit bonus. You have two options that you may choose from for your first deposit. Following are the details for the two offers:

  • Offer 1: If you make a $50 deposit with the platform, you are eligible to receive a full-matching bonus of up to $500. This bonus will come with an 8x rollover in the sportsbook and a 30x playthrough at the platform’s casino.
  • Offer 2: Secondly, if you deposit $50 or more, the platform will match 25% of the deposit up to $1000. The rollover in the casino accompanied by this amount will be 15x while the sportsbook rollover will be 3x.

Other Bonuses

Other bonuses for the platform include:

  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Receive a 10% cash bonus when you refer a friend to and they join the platform.
  • Lifetime VIP Program: VIP Status varies by the deposit you make. It’s calculated as a percentage. It increases with the deposit amount. All new cash deposits affect your VIP status. A $2000 deposit for example can make you a 15% VIP.
  • Horse Rebate: Between Mondays to Sundays, your net losses in races will be compensated by the platform. Compensation will be up to 8% of net losses.
  • Casino Rebate: You are eligible to receive a 10% rebate on any amount you lost the previous week in the platform’s casino.

The Latest BetNow Promo Codes – BetNow Promo Code 2023

There are BetNow promo codes that you will need to use to claim the bonuses, which we’ve listed below:

Bonus Type Offer Description Claim
Sportbook Welcome Bonus 50% Sign Up Bonus  Claim Here
Casino Welcome Bonus 50% Casino Bonus Claim Here

Estimated Payout Time at Betnow

The reported estimated payout time at BetNow is at least 24 hours. Payments are processed smoothly and securely, especially when it comes to Bitcoin. You should keep in mind though that payment delays can arise depending on the method of payout you’ve chosen.

While Bitcoin is fast, other methods may take a lot longer due to bureaucracy and administrative red tape.

Deposit Options at BetNow

At you’ll have several deposit options to choose from. This is a good thing obviously as it allows for greater flexibility for you. One option that isn’t available on other platforms is Moneygram, though you’d have to pay higher fees as opposed to other methods. This option also has a limit of $500. 

Another such option, rarely seen on other sportsbooks is Zelle. Zelle is an online banking platform that uses your bank account. The catch here is that it needs to be available at your current bank.

The remaining options are rather predictable. Credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are also accepted. Bitcoin is perhaps the most appealing of the options, both for users and for the platform. This is because it is fast, secure, and decentralized. We highly recommend that you use Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals on any online betting platform, not just Betnow.

EZ Banking
Bank Wire

Withdrawal Options at Betnow

The options for withdrawals are fairly limited, with most people opting for Bitcoin due to the benefits already discussed. One thing that definitely wasn’t appreciated is that the maximum withdrawal limit for a one-time payment is $3000. That’s abysmal. You could get around this by requesting multiple cash-outs but it’s a lot of hard work to receive your own money.

Apart from Bitcoin, almost all withdrawal methods will cost you in fees. These can be as high as $85 and something that you’d obviously not like. Furthermore, the maximum you can withdraw regardless of how much you’ve won is $5000. While this amount is better than the previous $3000, the improvement is only marginal.

Bank Draft
Direct Deposit

The information about the withdrawal limits left is incensed. While this isn’t unexpected, it isn’t a nice feeling to know that putting money into a system is a breeze but taking it out is a huge hassle. This factor was so disappointing that it cost the platform overall in the rating we gave at the end of our Betnow review.

Betting Limits

Betnow has included a comprehensive list of wagering limits on its website for your ease. Given that professionals are discouraged from using the BetNow platform, something that they’ve stated explicitly in the Betnow sports betting terms and conditions, the betting limits tend to be on the lower side of the spectrum. This suits most casual bettors so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

You can bet a maximum of $5000 on NBA, NCAA football, and NHL games. NFL games can also be bet on but the limits vary from $1000 to $10,000 depending on the day of the week. While you can bet on niche sports, the limits for these are even lower. This figure is usually limited to under $1000.

Restricted Countries

BetNow largely serves the US Online Betting market. Restricted countries by the platform are:

  • Australia
  • Afghanistan
  • Central African Republic
  • Republic of Congo
  • Eritrea
  • France
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Malta
  • New Jersey
  • Hawaii
  • North Korea
  • Panama
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Yemen


English is the primary language of the Betnow platform.

Licensing Information

Betnow is licensed by the government of Curacao, and as such is regulated under the same. It operates in fully licensed areas. 


All transactions are conducted in US Dollars ($). This is especially helpful because most of the audience for the platform is also in the U.S.

100%. There are no doubts about the legality and legitimacy of the platform. BetNow is a safe and valid platform on which to bet if you’re an American resident. Though it’s still in its infancy as a player in the market, it has garnered a significant number of users and has been going from strength to strength.

Issues with the platform were reported initially, but those have long since been resolved. It’s important to ask questions of legality whenever you’re sending and receiving the money to and from an offshore entity, and we can safely say that Betnow is safe to proceed with.

They’re not the most reputable company yet, but they’re slowly growing in popularity. We think that if you’re looking to mix it up a bit then Betnow should definitely be under consideration.

Customer Service Quality

When it comes to interacting with any business online, customer service is of prime importance. Though experiences may vary across the board, we can only report what our interaction was like. To begin with, it must be pointed out that customer support is available 24/7. This means that any and all queries are addressed whenever they arise, day or night.

This reflects well on BetNow’s attention to customer experience and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it in our betnow review. Most businesses, including online betting companies, have amazing marketing and sales teams, but when it comes to customer service you’re met with disappointment. This is not the case with Betnow, at least in our experience.

You have three main options to reach customer support – live chat, email, or phone. All of these are available at all times so you’ll never be left hanging when we need them the most.

The live chat feature (entitled “live help”) is available site-wide, meaning that it doesn’t matter where you are on the website; the chat plug-in follows you like a diligent sales representative. Whenever we tried the chat option, we were met with a prompt and helpful response.

You can also call the toll-free number 1-844-U-BETNOW (823-8669) at any time of the day and you’ll receive a quick solution to any problem that you may be facing. We’re pleased that this option is also 24/7 because not everyone enjoys speaking to support agents over chat.

The same goes for email; of course, the replies won’t be as prompt as with the previous two options. Nevertheless, if you email them at [email protected] you’ll receive an adequate response in a bit.

Our overall experience with customer support was pleasant, so there’s not much to worry about in that department.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-844-U-BETNOW (823-8669)

Live-Chat: Live-Help available on-site

Wrapping Up

This has been our BetNow Sportsbook review. As far as we’re concerned the platform is performing well for its size. Given that it hasn’t been on the market for a while, we would say that it definitely deserves a shot. Sportsbook FAQ

What is is an online sports betting and casino platform that allows users to place bets on a wide range of sporting events, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and more. It also offers casino games, live betting, and other gaming options.

Is a legitimate and safe platform to use? is a licensed and regulated online betting platform, and it is generally considered safe and legitimate. However, it’s essential to ensure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction before using the site. Additionally, always read and understand the terms and conditions and responsible gaming policies of the platform to protect yourself while gambling.

How can I deposit and withdraw money on provides various deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfers. You can fund your account using methods like Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. To withdraw your winnings, you can choose from various payout options, including cryptocurrencies and bank checks. It’s important to review the specific payment methods and associated fees on the website.

Are there bonuses and promotions available on

Yes, offers a range of bonuses and promotions for both new and existing users. These promotions may include welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, free bets, and more. It’s a good idea to check the website regularly for the latest promotions and their terms and conditions.

Is available for users in all countries? has specific restrictions and regulations regarding user access based on different countries and regions. While it is accessible in many countries, some regions may have restrictions or limitations on using the platform due to local laws and regulations. It’s essential to check the website or contact their customer support to determine if you can use their services from your location and understand any potential legal restrictions. Sportsbook Reviews & Testimonials Review
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Anonymous
Fast Payouts

I've had a great time with What stands out for me is their fast payout process. When I request a withdrawal, it's processed quickly, especially when I use cryptocurrencies. Keep it up!

 by Tom J.
Disappointed with Restricted Access

I was excited to use, but it turns out they don't operate in my region due to legal restrictions. It's a letdown when you can't access the platform you want.

 by John M.
User-Friendly Interface

I'm not a tech whiz, but's user-friendly interface won me over. Placing bets and navigating the site is a breeze. It's easy to use on my phone too. Overall, a great betting experience!

 by James S.
Appreciate the Bonuses

I'm a fan of Their bonuses are fantastic—I received a generous welcome bonus, and they regularly offer promotions and free bets. It adds a lot of value to my bets. Great job, BetNow!

 by Sarah H.
Positive Experience

I've been using for a few months now. I must say, it's been a pleasant experience. The variety of sports and events to bet on is impressive, and the website is easy to navigate. I also love their quick withdrawal process. Thumbs up! Review Details

Withdrawal Limits
Restricted Countries
Bonus up to:
Welcome Bonus
* New users can get up to 150% bonus on their first deposit.
Bet Now
T&Cs Apply
Please see BetNow's General Rules for additional Terms and Conditions, which apply to any and all promotions.
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Games & Software
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Customer Support
4.8 Overall Rating
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