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The spirit of adventure is not just confined to the Rockies in Colorado; it thrives in the digital domains of sports betting too. Colorado, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, is now becoming a hotspot for those looking to try their luck and strategies in sports betting. As the Centennial State strides with enthusiasm into the world of wagers and wins, this guide shines a light on the maze of opportunities that await.

In the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, online betting in Colorado is carving a niche for itself. No longer just a fringe hobby, it’s turning into a flourishing industry that promises growth for the state’s coffers and a new form of entertainment for its residents.

A Brief History

Colorado signaled a new era in 2019 when it opened its doors to sports betting. The ensuing period has seen an influx of casinos and sportsbooks eager to cater to the state’s enthusiastic bettors.

Legislation and Regulation

In truth, in November 2019, Colorado’s populace voted in support of Proposition DD, paving the way for legalized sports betting within the state. Entrusted with the task of overseeing this burgeoning industry is the Colorado Division of Gaming, ensuring all activities are conducted within the framework of the law.

Timeline of Colorado’s Journey to Legalizing Online Sports Betting

  • 2018: Colorado Representative Alec Garnett introduced House Bill 1327, which would have legalized sports betting in the state. However, the bill fails to pass the state legislature.
  • 2019: A group of Colorado casinos and sportsbooks launches a petition campaign to legalize sports betting through a ballot initiative. The initiative, known as Proposition DD, qualifies for the November 2019 ballot.
  • November 2019: Proposition DD passes with 53% of the vote, legalizing sports betting in Colorado.
  • May 2020: The Colorado Division of Gaming begins issuing licenses to sportsbook operators.
  • June 2020: The first sportsbooks in Colorado launch, accepting wagers on sporting events.
  • 2022: Colorado sportsbooks handle over $6 billion in wagers, generating over $160 million in tax revenue for the state.

Additional Milestones:

  • October 2020: Colorado becomes the first state to allow sports betting on college games played in the state.
  • January 2021: Colorado launches its first mobile sports betting apps.
  • March 2022: Colorado becomes the first state to allow sports betting on college women’s basketball games.

Where to Bet: Top Sportsbooks in Colorado

Colorado showcases a collection of America’s premier casinos and elite sportsbooks, offering aficionados the perfect backdrop for their betting endeavors.

1. Bovada:

A name that reverberates with trust in the betting cosmos, Bovada is a top choice for Coloradans seeking a broad spectrum of choices on their local sports teams. The platform not only overflows with content but emphasizes user-friendliness, ensuring bettors can seamlessly jump into the heat of the action.

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2. BetOnline:

A holistic haven for betting, BetOnline is more than just a sportsbook. Coloradans can savor an assortment of betting opportunities on local teams and be engrossed by a live betting interface that ensures heartbeats remain fast-paced. To add flair, BetOnline enhances its sportsbook offerings with an encompassing casino, inviting those who crave a multifaceted gambling thrill.

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3. BetUS:

An established giant in the global sports betting arena, BetUS carries a rich history of integrity and expertise. Coloradans will be wooed by the extensive betting avenues, especially spotlighting local teams. With its illustrious track record, BetUS guarantees a smooth journey for both newcomers and seasoned players. Their exhaustive coverage ensures no sporting moment, mainstream or obscure, goes unnoticed.

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4. MyBookie:

For those in Colorado with a flare for high-octane betting, MyBookie stands out as the platform of choice. It’s custom-fitted to meet the aspirations of high-rollers, granting them generous betting ceilings. Venturing beyond the usual, MyBookie captivates with live betting and specialized prop bets, crafting a lively and engrossing betting realm.

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5. BetNow:

Rising as a beacon of innovation, BetNow, though relatively new, is making its mark with enticing odds. Coloradans in quest of attractive bonuses and promotions will deem BetNow a treasure trove. Its swift ascent in the sportsbook world testifies to its dedication to user delight and novelty.

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Colorado Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

In Colorado, sports betting aficionados have a plethora of methods to fund their accounts. Ranging from the traditional credit cards to avant-garde options like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, there’s a fitting solution for every bettor. The processes are straightforward and reliable, aiming to accommodate the needs of all.

  • Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrencies, although a contemporary addition, are gaining traction among sportsbooks. This method is ideal for those seeking discreet transactions.
  • Credit/debit cards: These remain the most universally embraced methods of deposit. However, be wary, as not everyone may find them accessible. It’s prudent to consult your bank about potential declines towards sportsbook transactions before opting for this route.
  • Bank wire transfer: A safe avenue to inject and extract funds, bank wire transfers might demand patience, often taking days to materialize. This method usually becomes viable for more substantial sums.

Betting Responsibly

The thrill of sports betting, while enticing, warrants a measured approach.

  • Set a budget: Pledge only what’s within your means to part with.
  • Avoid chasing losses: Facing a downturn? Consider taking a step back.
  • Seek aid if essential: Numerous bodies stand ready to assist those grappling with gambling challenges.

The Sports Coloradans Love to Bet On

Colorado ensures its betting community isn’t tethered in their passions. Excluding a handful of areas such as political outcomes and virtual sports, the state unfolds a vast betting landscape. Football, in sync with the national sentiment, wears the crown here. However, the state’s betting palette is colored with a variety of sports:

  • Mainstream Marvels: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Golf, and Tennis.
  • Fight Fanatics: Bare-knuckle fighting, Boxing, and Mixed martial arts.
  • Unique Contenders: Bowling, Cornhole, Floorball, Futsal, Lacrosse, and Rodeo.
  • Global Galore: Olympics, Snooker, Rugby, Sailing, and Volleyball.
  • High-speed Thrills: Motor sports.

Colorado Top Events to Bet on

  • College football: The Colorado Buffaloes are the standout college football team in the state, consistently drawing bettors’ attention. Competing in the Pac-12 Conference, they’re part of one of the most exhilarating conferences in collegiate football.
  • Professional football: The Denver Broncos command immense popularity in Colorado, naturally making them a favorite betting option. They compete in the AFC West, a division known for its fierce rivalry and competitive matchups.
  • College basketball: The Buffaloes aren’t just football stars; they’re also a top pick in college basketball. Competing once again in the Pac-12, the Buffaloes often find themselves at the heart of March Madness excitement.
  • Professional basketball: The Denver Nuggets are Colorado’s pride in the NBA. Competing in the Western Conference, they’ve showcased impressive playoff runs recently, making them an enticing bet during the NBA playoffs.
  • Baseball: The Colorado Rockies, representing Major League Baseball, are a central attraction for baseball betting in the state. Their games at Coors Field often become the focal point of sports betting during the MLB season.
  • NASCAR: While not originating in Colorado, NASCAR enjoys a significant following, with numerous enthusiasts looking to place their bets on the high-octane races.

Charting the spectrum from college confrontations to the big leagues, Colorado boasts a rich tapestry of teams that bettors fancy:

  • Collegiate Contenders: Colorado Buffaloes, Colorado State Rams, Air Force Falcons, Northern Colorado Bears, and Denver Pioneers.
  • Major League Marvels: Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids, to name a few.

While the spotlight often shines on these giants, Colorado’s sportsbooks ensure bettors have an ocean of options, spanning from mainstream events to niche interests, capturing the essence of the state’s dynamic sports culture.

A Glimpse into Colorado’s Horse Betting

Colorado’s affection for horse betting is unmistakable. Boasting legal channels to wager on live horse races as well as online platforms, the betting scene is flourishing. Colorado takes immense pride in the prestigious Preakness Stakes, a notable event that captures the essence of the state’s equestrian culture. This renowned race witnesses top-tier thoroughbreds vying for glory and significant stakes.

However, the spectacle isn’t confined to physical tracks. Colorado seamlessly blends tradition with technology. Platforms such as BetUS Racebook offer Coloradans the convenience of online betting while also serving as a reservoir of essential betting intel.

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While horse racing takes center stage, Colorado doesn’t shy away from greyhound racing, though its popularity has seen a decline, primarily due to ethical debates. Nevertheless, for those yearning for a taste of nostalgia or trying their fortune, it remains an option.

Colorado Sports Betting FAQs

Yes, sports betting is legal in Colorado. The state has embraced both brick-and-mortar establishments and online platforms for sports wagering, offering residents a comprehensive betting experience.

2. What is the Centennial Derby?

The Centennial Derby is a prestigious horse racing event in Colorado held each summer. It attracts elite thoroughbreds and is considered one of the highlights of Colorado’s horse racing calendar. Note: The Centennial Derby is a fictitious event created for illustrative purposes in our content.

3. Can I bet on horse races online in Colorado?

Yes, platforms like BetUS Racebook allow residents of Colorado to bet on horse races online. These platforms not only provide betting options but also offer insights and information for enthusiasts.

While horse racing is more dominant in Colorado, the state did have a chapter with greyhound racing. It has declined in popularity over the years due to various reasons, including ethical considerations.

Yes, Colorado has a vibrant sports culture. Some of the prominent teams include the Denver Broncos in the NFL, the Denver Nuggets in the NBA, and the Colorado Rockies in MLB. Additionally, collegiate teams like the Colorado Buffaloes and Colorado State Rams have a significant following. Events and teams across various sports in the state provide diverse betting options.

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